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  1. Hello shokinro, We're coming from a WooCommerce environment where products are linked to brands using product categories, so I'm afraid that importing will be of no use to us. In our Prestashop environment, we've already made preparations such as manually adding Manufacturers and transparent Manufacturers logos. We need a way to edit a large quantity of products in a short amount of time without having to visit each product to make changes. Thank you.
  2. Hello, We're about to migrate our webshop to Prestashop and we must link our products to manufacturers manually. Having +3000 products, this will cost us a lot of time. For this reason we are looking for a free compatible module or modification that allows us to bulk edit manufacturers. Can someone please help me figure this out? Thank you.
  3. That's what I tried. It claims to have carried out the task, but in reality has not executed the script yet. I have checked the script for errors, but there were none. I will install WordPress alongside of Prestashop and use a backup plugin that runs a similar script and even upload it to an S3 service.
  4. Hello Nemo1, That explains a lot haha. I tried CronTab module, but that's not compatible with PHP 7. Are there any alternatives? As of now, I'm thinking about installing WordPress alongside of Prestashop, just for that specific reason.
  5. Hello, I want to run a scheduled database backup script, which I confirmed working in SSH. When I run a cron task in prestashop, the database backup is not being created. Any thoughts on this? Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you Dh42, Thank you for confirming that, I've disabled all other languages.
  7. Hello everyone, We're planning to migrate our WooCommerce webshop to Prestashop 1.6.4. Our main concern is SEO, which will be migrated using Litextension. Originally we used a Google translate plugin for WordPress to help foreign customers find their way. With Prestashop, we can achieve this by using the built in translations. Since Prestashop appears to redirect to a language prefix (/nl, /en etc.), it generates multiple Sitemaps. This raises two questions: Will this result into duplicate content, and will this hurt our SEO? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hoi musicmaster, Geen probleem, we komen zelf uit een WordPress omgeving waarbij veel geknutsel met PHP en CSS een must is. Het gaat hoofdzakelijk om de catalogus en de voorpagina.
  9. Thank you kindly for your answer Simonas Invertus, I've put a lot of energy to convince my employer to migrate to PrestaShop. If Prestashop drops support for 1.6 soon, we cannot migrate.
  10. I'm afraid this is all I can do for you, I'm fairly new to Prestashop. Have you tried reinstalling the core files? I suppose you could restore a backup, but chances are that the problem returns.
  11. Things don't break without a reason. There are modules that might auto-update themselves. Check your log if you see anything strange, ask your hosting provider if they changed anything of their server configurations. Login with your FTP to see if there's been any core file changed recently (sort by date).
  12. First make sure that your Prestashop is meeting the requirements. Switch to the default bootrap theme if you didn't already, then try to disable modules one by one to see if this fixes the problem.
  13. Hello Nofire, Have you tried using another webbrowser? If you can, please login to your FTP of localhost and edit root/config/defines-inc.php and change define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); to to define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); Save changes and upload. Clear cache afterwards, of course. This will enable the debug mode, please paste any errors here, if you see any.
  14. Hello, We're building a new 1.6.4 based webshop and we've put a lot of time and effort in it so far. It has come to our attention that version 1.7 will not be backwards compatible. I've read an article that claims Prestashop will "continue to receive security updates for several months". For exactly how long can we expect the support for 1.6 to last? And for how long will 1.6 be considerably safe to use once it has dropped support? Also, will the Default Bootstrap get ported to Prestashop version 1.7? Porting the Default Bootstrap will help us (and I believe many others as well) to migrate in the future. Thank you.
  15. Hello, We're building a new 1.6.x based webshop and we've put a lot of time and effort in it so far. It has come to our attention that version 1.7 will not be backwards compatible. I've read an article that claims Prestashop will continue to support 1.6 for some time. For how long can we expect the support for 1.6 to last? Thank you.
  16. Solved it by increasing availability. Is it possible for a rule to have unlimited availability? (rather than entering a number of 1000000)
  17. Hello, I used a cart rule: Orders starting from 35 euros will include a free gift The rule does not appear to be working. Can someone please help me figure this out? Thank you.
  18. Is het met Prestashop standaard mogelijk om onder de prijs inclusief BTW ook in het klein de prijs exclusief BTW weer te geven? Bedankt!
  19. I get what you mean, but I disagree about it being a business issue. I think it's more of a functional issue because I believe that anyone who is setting up a Prestashop based webshop should know how the developers intended products to be categorized. Should I categorize product purely using categories, or should I use an attribute called product type? I'm asking for advise because I rather know this now than fix +3000 products in the future. I believe this type of question should be allowed in a General Topics forum, as this is not a “Technical Support forum only” forum, right?
  20. Not to be rude, but I don't see how this is related to "marketing and business things". Adding categories is obviously a part of Prestashop. Before anyone starts, it's quite important to know how Prestashop intended products to be categorized, right? Seeing how this is a general topic, I figured this might be the best place to get an answer.
  21. Hello, We're running a webshop for haircosmetics and we're migrating from WooCommerce to Prestashop. We offer many different product types. (Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Gel, Hairdryer, Etc.) Before we migrate, we would like to know what is the best way to categorize our products. Should we categorize our products like this? Home - Care - - Conditioner - - Shampoo - - Lotion - Styling - - Gel - - Hairspray - - Lotion Or perhaps there is a better way to do this? Note that in the example, we have two types of lotions, a Care Lotion and a Styling Lotion. II'm new to Prestashop, so any help or advise is welcome. Thank you.
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