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  1. I think I used a jpg instead, or exported another png file, I can't remember.
  2. Make sure the module has been updated to the latest version and try to disable it for comparison.
  3. Hello, The ps_newproducts seems to be missing in our Prestashop 1.7.6, and also in the new, is there a workaround to show new products first? Thank you in advance!
  4. Can't you be more obvious about working for LitExtension? We used your services once, migrating from WooCommerce to Prestashop, thanks for that, but upgrading and updating should be free and easy, it's 2019. We can't even get a clean Prestashop to upgrade to a minor version We still run several WordPress instances, some use wildly outdated plug-ins, and temporary solutions, and none of them have ever bailed on us while upgrading.
  5. No, even with the latest upgrade module I have tried several solutions, including deleting the class file, but it always spits out errors, which includes upgrading to minor versions., even with a fresh installation of Prestashop. We have tried different server configurations that meet the requirements of Prestashop.
  6. Prestashop is great, but upgrading has never been a stable process for us, even with a new installation on a fresh VPS Plesk installation it spits out errors like wildfire, with features being stripped or even removed and some critical functions no longer working properly, there is no real reason for us to upgrade. I am sure that the developers of Prestashop do their best to make Prestashop a success.
  7. Hello, I have found this code to add a barcode from the order reference to our invoice template, but instead of the order reference we want to generate a URL for each product on the invoice. What do I have to replace $order->getUniqReference() with to achieve this? Please note that we're not interested in buying modules, thank you. <tr> <td style="width: 17%"></td> <td style="width: 83%"> {assign var=black value=[0,0,0]}{assign var=white value=[255,255,255]} {assign var=stuff value=['position'=>'S', 'border'=>false, 'padding'=>4, 'fgcolor'=>$black, 'bgcolor'=>$white, 'text'=>false, 'font'=>'helvetica', 'fontsize'=>8, 'stretchtext'=>4]} {assign var=params value=TCPDF::serializeTCPDFtagParameters(array($order->getUniqReference(), 'C39', '', '', 40, 15, 0.4, $stuff, 'N'))} <tcpdf method="write1DBarcode" params="{$params}" /> </td> </tr>
  8. Unlike the One Click Upgrade module from prestashop, we successfully migrated using your migration tool in our test environment. Does the migration work back and forth or is this a one-way ticket?
  9. We tested Thirty Bees without problems, but what about future updates and support? What if we want to migrate to Prestashop again, is this possible?
  10. NemoPS, you are right, 1.6 seems to be more stable, but because it is no longer supported, we want to upgrade or switch to another e-commerce platform, thirtybees look intriguing, can you tell us more about the benefits of using thirtybees?
  11. Hello, We are using Prestashop and we would like to upgrade to Prestashop using 1-Click Upgrade 4.6.0, we tried moving to a clean Prestashop before upgrading, reinstalling our Plesk VPS server, but we always get to see the following error: [INTERNAL] /var/www/vhosts/hairwebshop.nl/mijn.hairwebshop.nl/config/bootstrap.php line 27 - Error: Class 'Core_Business_ContainerBuilder' not found #0 /var/www/vhosts/hairwebshop.nl/mijn.hairwebshop.nl/config/config.inc.php(66): require_once() #1 /var/www/vhosts/hairwebshop.nl/mijn.hairwebshop.nl/modules/autoupgrade/classes/UpgradeContainer.php(475): require_once('/var/www/vhosts...') #2 /var/www/vhosts/hairwebshop.nl/mijn.hairwebshop.nl/modules/autoupgrade/classes/TaskRunner/AbstractTask.php(120): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\UpgradeContainer->initPrestaShopCore() #3 /var/www/vhosts/hairwebshop.nl/mijn.hairwebshop.nl/modules/autoupgrade/classes/TaskRunner/Upgrade/UpgradeDb.php(75): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\TaskRunner\AbstractTask->init() #4 /var/www/vhosts/hairwebshop.nl/mijn.hairwebshop.nl/admin/autoupgrade/ajax-upgradetab.php(51): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\TaskRunner\Upgrade\UpgradeDb->init() #5 {main} Can someone please help us figure this out? Thank you.
  12. An invoice color logo has been uploaded and re-uploaded, but the problem persists. It has nothing to do with the printer settings.
  13. Solved, apparently I forgot to migrate one table.
  14. Hello, After database migration from Prestashop to a fresh Prestashop, everthing works fine except for Localization > Countries > Country The object cannot be loaded (or found) As a result, no address can be selected (even if it exists and is linked to the customer) if an existing customer wants to pay or if a new customer wants to create a new address. What going on and how do I fix this? Keep in mind that I know that modules can easily transfer data from one webshop to another, but that is not an option for now.
  15. Hello, There are bugs in Prestashop that prevent us from upgrading, we are looking for the following modules as a temporary solution: Free shipping module This module must override or fix this bug in Prestashop so that the free shipping labels in both cart, summary and checkout pages are displayed correctly and removes the rather confusing -0.00% discount label. It should simply say Free shipping when applicable to the customer. Furthermore, it must be compatible with shipping to all countries and the free gift module below. Free gift module This module must override or fix this bug in Prestashop so that the free gift labels are shown, instead of the prices. the free gift must also be able to be removed from the shopping cart, summary and checkout pages. Furthermore, it would be nice if the customer could choose between two gifts. Thanks in advance!
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