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  1. Some things that need to be done: 1) Get my logo to show. 2) Configure the PayPal API to work with prestashop. ( i have set it up but when i try to checkout with sandbox, it says "Authorisation to PayPal failed") 3) Shipping cost is wrong at checkout. figure and fix problem. (for example, customer buys 1X product A & 1X B postage is $6.09. customer buy 1X product A & 2X product B, postage is $3.05) 4) remove paypal logo from footer 5) to get jqzoom to work. I have the fix but do not know where to place the code without messing up the product page. 6) to move customer loyalty block to below the add to cart in product page 7) to move product description under the add to cart button in product page 8) now when you go to the Categories page, the price, add to cart and view product options are under the product image where you can see it when you place the mouse over the image. I want to have a fixed product image with just a view and add to cart button under it. 9) At checkout page. to have a pop-up box confirming delete when cusomers click on X (delete) button. this is my site (www.thegeishapearl.com/prestashop) I don't have much budget for this job so if someone doesn't charging lower to tell me which file and where in the file to change things, I would be very grateful!
  2. Hi, I managed to solve it finally by changing the proxy settings. Thanks for your reply anyway!
  3. HI could you tell me where in the product.tpl i should insert this code? <INPUT TYPE=“button” VALUE=“Back to previous page”> TIA!
  4. Hi! Sorry to come into your thread but i have been trying to figure out how to change the logo as it now shows a big question mark. Could you tell me how & which file you changed yours? TIA!
  5. Hi! Sorry for the late reply.. I've just managed to solve an issue where i have not been able to log on to the forum or my back office. Thanks for your tip. I've tried to change the global css file and althought i have managed to get my background image there, it still is not fixed or centered. I'm not sure if I've done the coding correctly? I wasn't able to find the code you wrote above but there was something at the top of the file that went : * {padding:0; margin:0; height:auto; font: 11px Tahoma, Verdana, Geneva; color:#6A5D4A; list-style:none} body {background:url('../img/bg.gif')} I've tried to change it with your code but it didn't work. This is how my site is now: http://thegeishapearl.com/prestashop/ Would you be able to advise? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm from singapore and using singtel and I can't stay logged in to my backoffice or use the contact me form to contact the Prestashop team. I also can't use the search function on this forum. I've tried to log in to my backoffice from an M1 mobile broadband phone and it works perfectly fine. My hosting provider (inmotion)have also tried to login for me and they have no issues. A very nice guy from this forum has also tried to troubleshoot this problem with me and he also has no issues using my backoffice. (he lives in the US). The problem seem to be connected somehow to my network. I've contacted Singtel support and they're basically a whole bunch of untrained ppl who don't seem to know much. I'm using the 2wire modem given by singtel and have got the 2wire vendor technician to come over to my place to check. they changes 3 modems but the problem still remains. he suggested that Prestashop might need a port to be opened before it could be used. Another thread here suggested that because SingTel uses dynamic IP, it causes problems for prestashop users on SingTel. Anyone ever had this issue? Did you ever managed to get it fixed? Edited to add: i also tried to log in the Prestashop Backoffice demo and can't stay logged in there. And when i post I can't post directly but have to click on preview first or I wont be able to post.
  7. HI! I installed prestashop about 1 week ago and was unable to stay logged into the backoffice. whenever i click on a tab, it brings me back to the login page. Sometimes, i can click on a few tabs before I'm logged out. It also happens when i try to save something. I search this forum and managed to find a fix. By changing the timing in the cookie.php file to 3600. This worked for a few days but 2 days ago, i suddenly had the same issue happen again. My cookie.php file is still the same. I have 3 computers at home and have tried all 3 with the same problem. I have also cleared all the cache & cookies on all the computers many times. I have now uninstalled prestashop deleted the database and installed it again following the instructions given by prestashop. I still have this issue and have tried changing the timing to 3600 again but it still doesnt work. I've emailed prestashop using the contact them form and their advise was just to clear the cache and if it doesnt work to ask for help here. I've also tried going to my host (inmotion) for help and they were kind enough to check it out for me. I gave them my password and the weird thing is that it works on their browser so they're not able to advise on it as well. I'm about to tear my hair out! Please help! Thanks a million in advance!
  8. Hi! How did you get it to work? i have this problem too and tried copying the css file you linked to over my original one but still having the same issue. TIA! EDIT: solved it
  9. HI! I have an issue with the following: 1) Send email link is overlapping other images. http://thegeishapearl.com/store/prestashop/product.php?id_product=10 2) How to make the space between the links and the product image larger. 3) How to move the pricing and description to the left of the image 4) How to add a left block with shoppig cart and caterogy list to only the product pages? (the rest of the pages already show the block) Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi! Can anyone advice me on how to change my background? I would like to have a image as a fixed background and have the blocks be able to scroll over the background. TIA!
  11. HI! I've having this issue with the moon theme. I've tried what you suggested by uoloading the file and copying over the originals but the zoom is still not working. The facebook like button and the share with friends bar went missing. how can i make your fix work? TIA! EDIT: After restarting my browser, the zoom is now working! Thanks!!! However, the facebook like link and the share with friends bar is still missing. Could you advise with that? TIA!
  12. Hi! I unhooked the quick search box from the top of page and now when i hooked it back, it shows up in the header instead. When i hook it to the header and unhook it from the top of page, the box doesn't show anyway at all. Pls help! Thanks!
  13. Hi! I've enabled jqzoom instead of Thickbox but it doesn't seem to be working. When i click on the image, the thickbox image appears instead. See here for demo: (http://thegeishapearl.com/store/prestashop/product.php?id_product=10) Anyone can advise? TIA!
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