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  1. HI, After i do a refund (partial and full refunds), the total amount paid used to decrease by the amount that was refunded. For example, total paid was $100 and 1 item refunded which was $20, total amount paid would decrease to $80. Now it does not. Can anyone guide me on any possible reasons or settings that i may need to change? Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Hi! I've installed this module and configured it to use in both tablets and mobile. however, when the module is enabled, my website is a white blank page on any mobile and tablet. It is fine on the computer. Once i disable the mobile, the website is accessible on mobile and tablets immediately. Any idea what is wrong or how i can fix it? Thanks!
  3. After playing around with it i realised that you cannot put anything after {shipping_number} Not even a '.' (full stop). that was what caused the number not to show up. After i remove the full stop, the number showed correctly.
  4. I have the same problem too. However, i added {shipping_number} to the existing email template and {shipping_number} shows upon the customer email. I'm using version 1.4.0 Any tips?
  5. updated to add: The errors above are from me trying to add/edit the combination manually. If i try using the attributes generator, i am able to create combinations. However, i have to click on 'Delete all combinations manually before i click on the attributes generator. If i try to delete the unwanted combinations in the attributes generator and then add the new ones, even thou it says successfully generated, after i click go back to product, the previous combinations are still there and the new ones are not. (this is based on me duplicating products with existing combinations that i need to change) Any ideas on how to fix? thanks in advance!
  6. I'm also having this problem. i can't edit existing combinations on products as the edit button doesn't work ad i can't create new combinations as after choosing the group and attribute i want and adding them, i will get an error: The error is: 1 error: You must add at least one attribute ( please note that when i did choose a attribute). Did you ever manage to solve your problem?
  7. Hi, I've disable caching completely, but the problem still exists. I'm very sure that i am doing it correctly and it's been fine all along till it suddenly stopped working a few days ago. It doesn't work when i use the combination generator. For example, i will choose an existing combination already added previously and nothing happens, it's like i never clicked on the edit button. Or when i try to add a new combination for example, i choose Size for Group and Small for attribute and then click on add (the attributes and group choice that i made will not appear in the add/delete box) and the error message will appear (The error is: 1 error: You must add at least one attribute) Any ideas what it could be?
  8. I've disabled the memcached and changed it to File System. It did solve some of the issues. Thanks for the tip! : ) Now the remaining issue is: I am unable to add new combinations or make any changes to existing combinations for all products. The error is: 1 error: You must add at least one attribute ( please note that when i try to add a attribute, it doesn't show up)
  9. Sorry! I've attached it and edited my first post as i found more errors. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I am unable to add new combinations or make any changes to existing combinations for all products. The error is: 1 error: You must add at least one attribute ( please note that when i try to add a attribute, it doesn't show up) Order status are also not showing up on the particular order page but can be seen on the main order page(tab). I'm also unable to cancel or refund any products from orders as the check box is missing. I realised that all these errors started happening after i made changes to the performance preferences in prestashop. I've attached a image of my performance preference page: I am using PrestaShop™ I would appreciate any advice on how to solve these issues. Thanks! Edited to add: I just realised that i am also unable to save new products. For example, i duplicate a product, make all necessary changes like product details, name etcetc and then save. On main category list, it will show the new product name. but when i click on it, all the details are of the item that it was duplicated from.
  11. I followed the instructions below and got it working perfectly. However, i actually tried all the steps a few times as the box and send button was not showing up at first and then i cleared the smarty cache & compile & and then everything worked. (should have thought of that earlier ) Thanks so much for the tips phrasespot! Btw, could anyone be able to tell me how to move the captcha box to the middle of the form as it's now on the left? Also, can i use it on more then 1 form? I tried adding it to productquestion.tpl as well but only the text showed up. Thanks in advance!
  12. Just an update to say that if I changed the status update in the order (it at first had no status and i changed it to 'preparation in progress'), it shows up under the BO orders tab. However, i was only able to do this with one of the 'missing' orders as the other 2 were blank orders (without products) and had no option for me to change the orders status.
  13. HI, I've been using prestashop Version for the last 2 years and as far as i know have never encountered this problem. Nor have I updated or changed anythign recently. However, i realised yesterday that there are 2 orders not showing up in the Backoffice. 1 is for a Paypal order while the order is for a bank wire order. I only realised this because I have the 'I RUN A SHOP' app on my phone. The app shows that the 2 orders as valid orders but I couldn't find them on the BO and that's when i realised that something was not working. I then counted back the order numbers to see if any other orders were missing and then saw another missing PayPal order on the 13th July. When i checked back to the customers records of the 3 missing orders, the orders do show up in the account, however, are not listed as 'valid' orders. Also 2 of the orders are blank (i,e, i can't see any products, only the amount payable.) I've attached some pictures to show what i mean. I've checked the forum but can't find anything like mine as most people seem to have this problem after upgrading or only with PayPal orders. If anyone has any idea what the problem could be, i'll be very grateful. BTW, i'm using PayPalAPI v1.0 if that helps. Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks so much for your assistance Mike! It's a relief that this ordeal is almost ending. I will contact benjamin in the next 1-2 days once I've prepared a list of all the things that i want done.
  15. Olivia123, Julia Williams claimed that she has refunded me .... my bank says that no refund was made and Julia as usual, did not reply my email askign for the date the refund was made. Please update me here on the date they refund was made and the amount refunded. Thanks.
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