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  1. Hello together, Edit: I'm on 1.6.x I like to achieve that I can manage the "out-of-Stock" threshold on each product separate. Like a extra field on each product where I can set the quantity when system sends out an email to admin that this product is low-on-stock. Example with 2 products A+B Product A has 31 peaces on stock and I should get a warning if below 10 Product B has 15 peaces on stock - warning if below 5 Is there a module available that can do this? Or is there a "simple" way to program it in? And help is welcome :-) Thanks, Patrick
  2. Hi Folks, Version is default theme. I like to achieve that the customer can't change his own delivery address. He should not be able to add a new address as well. And on top of it he shouldn't be able to change the invoice address. As it's a kind of "intranet shop" all customers are created via admin BO and put into a specific group. It would be very nice if it's possible to stick this behavior to the group, so if customer is in group A he can't change something but if in group B he can like normal. Any idea how to do this? Is there maybe a module available that can do this? Many thanks for every hint :-) Cheers, Patrick
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