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  1. in what class or classes are saved(posted) fields from order-details to stock movements when invoice is done?
  2. Hi and thanks for your answer. Fogot to tell this , in notepad or other text editor it look ok 31.110000 but it is exported not like it is on web form with comma , it is exported with dot for decimals and excel it is confuse. Any ideea how can i change export csv decimal delimiter? Many thanks again.
  3. Hi. i tried this module but in the body of email not complete first and last name They remaining {Firstname}{Last name} Any solution please? Many thanks.
  4. Hi I use Presta I want to export Instant stock status after price. On presta form the price look ok like : 31,11 but when i export in csv it looks like 31.110.000 Please give me a solution because i don't think it is from my regional settings. Many thanks.
  5. I want to get an order details price (from line) and put in a stock movements form for that order and that product_id. Other thing added a new file in stock administration form and i want to save it in stock movements table. Many thanks again.
  6. Hi and thanks for reply No error , after click the csv button prestashop icon turn (like waiting) and after this the page refresed without any exported file or dialog file for "save as option". I use
  7. I tried to add a new fields from order_detail (product_price) to stock movements in AdminStockMvtController but not work. Please give me some advice where must i make changes. Many thanks
  8. Hi again everyone. Somebody can tell me why Export to csv button from Stock movements form not working! I choose the warehouse and after this button is available.I click it page is refresed but nothing, not save automaticaly , not appears the dialog form with save as options. Many thanks.
  9. Hi again I think when stock increase must have in table/form purchase price , but when decrease/customer order must have the sales price(from product price). Please see the attachement
  10. Hi all I use advanced stock management for my store. When i added a product it hase a purchase price and the quantity is increase at the purchase ptice. I think when a customer made an order the quantity must decrease at the sales price not at purchase price ,but it doesn't , in Stoc movements it appears with purchase price for customer order. Any advice please? Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi I put a new field on Stock:Stock Management Add a product form and i want to save it in a ps_stock_mvt table when i push the button "add to stock"I tried to found all classes and controllers for stock module but realy i don't understand the prestashop concept. Please everyone can tell me how Many thanks in advance
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