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  1. Hi, das Thema haben wir bei uns im Forum schon heftig diskutiert. http://www.presta-client.de/index.php/board,12.0.html Anbei mal noch der Screenshot vom Preisauskunft Export. Evtl. kann man das für andere Preissuchmaschinen benutzen. Gruß Dscho
  2. HI, hast Du mal den Preisauskunft Export im Prestaclient getestet? Gruß Dscho
  3. Hallo, danke für dein positives Feedback. Einen genauen Preis für den Prestaaclient haben wir noch nicht. Aber ich denke dieser wird Sie zwischen 200,- und 300,- € bewegen. Wie bei ShopExpress (OSC-Client) holt man den Einsatz durch die enorme Zeitersparnisse in kürzester Zeit wieder rein. Klar für Einsteiger oder kleiner Shops ist selbst das zu viel - dafür habe ich auch Verständnis. Allerdings belohnen wir Betatester die sich mit viel Einsatz einbringen und im Forum mithelfen mit einer "Livetime" Lizenz. Viele Grüße Johannes Teitge
  4. Hallo, wenn Du willst kannst Du mal unseren Prestaclient testen - wir benutzen unser eigenen Bildbearbeitungs-Routinen. Im Vorfeld kannst Du Dir auch auch das Video unseres Beispielimport inkl, Bilddaten ansehen. Video: http://www.presta-client.de/flash/import02/ Viele Grüße Dscho
  5. Hi, i did the changes myself now :-) If somebody needs the same here are the description: 1. File: category.php Search for: $cat_products = $category->getProducts(intval($cookie->id_lang), intval($p), intval($n), $orderBy, $orderWay); add after: foreach ($cat_products as $product) { $id_lang = intval($cookie->id_lang); $id_product = $product['id_product']; $product['features'] = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS(' SELECT name, value, pf.id_feature FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_product pf LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_lang fl ON (fl.id_feature = pf.id_feature AND fl.id_lang = '.intval($id_lang).') LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_value_lang fvl ON (fvl.id_feature_value = pf.id_feature_value AND fvl.id_lang = '.intval($id_lang).') WHERE pf.id_product = '.intval($id_product)); } 2. File: [your template]\product-list.tpl add a new foreach(find your own position): {foreach from=$product.features item=feature name=features} {$feature.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}: {$feature.value|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'} {/foreach} 3. File: [your template]\css\global.css Search for ul#product_list li { and change height:130px; into /* height:130px;*/ or delete the line Thats all :-) Our result: http://lichtinnovation.tmedia-cross-communications.de/category.php?id_category=18 Best Regards Dscho install.txt
  6. Hi, thank you to all users writing us for beta-registration. We will send registrations once per week because we have so many registrations. For questions use our forum please. (www.presta-client.de) Thank you for your patience. Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  7. Hi, then you should download the newest version. We will insert a autoupdate function for prestaclient. But first we want to finish all features for products import. Best regards Johannes Teitge
  8. Hi, we change the version number in prestaclient and not on the filename. You see it on our Website too: http://www.presta-client.de/index.php/topic,2.0.html and in the software too. On major updates we send a newsletter to all users in our support-forum www.presta-client.de. Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  9. hi to all prestaclient users, we are proud to present a the new version of prestaclient. Now 95% of the products import is translated and many features and data field are available to import. You'll find an example for playing with products data including images. The examples are in [prestaclient-dir]\examples\import. 1. import_example.xls (Excel datasheet) 2. import_example.fld (Field definition) 3. Subdir images (Images for import) What can you import now? We created an flash video: http://www.presta-client.de/flash/import02/ Many thanks go to our translators: http://www.presta-client.de/index.php/board,19.0.html Download: http://www.presta-client.de/downloads/pscSetup.exe Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  10. HI, why you want to do that? We work over 5 years with a client for osCommerce. It does work like prestaclient and even very large onlineshops work without problems. Examples: http://www.christiani.de or http://www.lichtkaufhaus.de Scripts on our Server backup the database every night. If the import runs into an error we are able to restore. This way was always the best for our customers. Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  11. Hi, we developed a database tool to check the connection. Yu will find it in the prestaclient program directory and it is named dbcheck.exe. Do you have the same problems with this application? Best regards Johannes Teitge
  12. Hi, who can offer me a payment module for datatrans (www.datatrans.ch)? Sample: http://pilot.datatrans.biz/showcase/standard_upp/standard_upp_1.html Please send offer on PM or [email protected] Best Regards Dscho
  13. Prestaclient is multilanguage and available in german(100%), english (50%), french (50%). Language files are in [Program Files]\prestaclient\data\localisation\... Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  14. About ftp upload of sql-files: We don't support this feature directly, because most of our customers use external database access. This makes prestaclient so easy to use. And this saves customers so much time and money. If somebody wants to edit products on a local machine, then install WAMP and copy products tables to the onlineshop. Export and import are with prestashop available soon. So it will be able to copy products from one shop to an other shop. Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  15. Hi, we added a borad for connection problems on our forum. ISP's with external Database access: http://www.presta-client.de/index.php/board,17.0.html Using ssh for database connections: http://www.presta-client.de/index.php/topic,5.0.html I hope this willl help all users with problems on connecting to external database. Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  16. Hi, my customer wanted individual position of Features too. I went an other way: 1. Adding a new databasefield into table ps_feature `position` int(11) default NULL 2. Changing file classes/Product.php /* * Select all features for a given language * * @param $id_lang Language id * @return array Array with feature's data */ static public function getFrontFeaturesStatic($id_lang, $id_product) { /* return Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS(' SELECT name, value, pf.id_feature FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_product pf LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_lang fl ON (fl.id_feature = pf.id_feature AND fl.id_lang = '.intval($id_lang).') LEFT JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_value_lang fvl ON (fvl.id_feature_value = pf.id_feature_value AND fvl.id_lang = '.intval($id_lang).') WHERE pf.id_product = '.intval($id_product)); */ return Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS(' SELECT name, value, pf.id_feature FROM ps_feature_product pf INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature ON (pf.id_feature = ps_feature.id_feature) INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_value_lang ON (pf.id_feature_value = '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_value_lang.id_feature_value) INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_lang ON (pf.id_feature = '._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_lang.id_feature) WHERE (pf.id_product = '.intval($id_product).') AND ('._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_lang.id_lang = '.intval($id_lang).') AND ('._DB_PREFIX_.'feature_value_lang.id_lang = '.intval($id_lang).') ORDER BY `position`'); } 3. I added the administration to our prestaclient: http://www.presta-client.de/flash/move_features1.swf http://www.presta-client.de/flash/move_features2.swf Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  17. Hi, i want to show features instead of short description in products listing. Has somebody done this already. Best regards Dscho
  18. Now french language pack for prestaclient is available. Thanks to Fabrice Joffre http://www.presta-client.de/index.php?topic=23.0 Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  19. Hi, i need sorting of categories too. I added a new database fiedl into the table ps_category named position. Then i modified the class file Category.php on line 266: ORDER BY `position`,`name` ASC'); on line 307: ORDER BY `position`,`name` ASC'); on line 451: ORDER BY `position`,`name` ASC'); First i changed the position with phpMyAdmin. And now we added it in Prestaclient. http://www.presta-client.de/index.php/topic,3.0.html Best Regards Dscho
  20. Hi, i'm interested too - i would like to translate it to german. Best Regards Dscho
  21. HI, i removed the password - now installation is easier :-) Download: http://www.presta-client.de/downloads/pscSetup.exe'>http://www.presta-client.de/downloads/pscSetup.exe For further informations or questions please use our forum on http://www.presta-client.de Best regards Johannes Teitge
  22. Hi, now features are in Prestaclient available. Download: http://www.presta-client.de/downloads/pscSetup.exe Next steps are import of categorie ID(s) and import of feature values. Best Regards Johannes Teitge
  23. Hallo, in osCommerce haben wir Abfragen in der Art oft gemacht. Allerdings habe ich das bisher in Presta noch nicht gebraucht. Kommt aber bestimmt noch, dann werde ich es hier posten. Viele Grüße Dscho
  24. Hi, sorry, not in the near future. Some of our customers does use http://www.parallels.com/ with success. Best Regards Johannes Teitge
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