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  1. wow its worked!!!!! thanks a lot, that was nice... thank you very much for the replay and help. theepan
  2. Hi all need little help on main page where Featured products view, there is some space between picture and title, i attach my pic with it, can you guys please help me where and which line i have to edit for that please. thanks in advance. theepan
  3. haha thanx i will play with code and let u know when work out^^ thanx for the info^^
  4. hi thanx for replay, sorry i try this code not working am i missing something ; ; {convertPrice price=”(15*$product.price/100)” format=”%.2f”}
  5. hi i kinda need help here... after u put on home .tpl what code u write in produt-list,tpl thakx
  6. please can some help me on product-list.tpl how to get PriceWithoutReduct please thank you
  7. i kinda have same problem i have different discount for members so i need to display both price in product-list page ; ;
  8. hi i am trying to give discount to different user, so when they log in i want them to see their discount price as well default price as well beside, i magane to display on product page but cant get work on product list page this is the cade was in product list .tpl {convertPrice price=$product.price} this is basicaly when they log in will tell their discount price how do i change this to display default price as well on next line. thankx in advance
  9. Hi everyone, I am trying ti modify the product view page like product info in one line like this i add image with it how would i want, thanx in advance any help would be nice. Thankyou
  10. thank you, thank you it worked!!!!!!!!! thank you very much^^
  11. Hello to everyone, almost 20hr reading all for make me do some editing as well i learned lot. iam trying to change color around the site, have some problem with chnage text colo on root path i guess that's what it call^^ i have att picture, the one i red circle, where do i change color for that, its like Home > Bla >Bla >. i only c the last, other all in white i guess i did something; can you guys please help me change that color. Thank you
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