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  1. We built a shop on 1.7 with some bespoke features i haven't seen anywhere else. For example we built a product personalization engine which allows our customers to customize their cremation urn and preview it in real time. This was all bespoke development that we did here in-house and are really proud of. Feel free to give it a play i'd like to hear your feedback. Green Meadow - Cremation Urns
  2. I'm not seeing any way here to associate a price with a customization as there are no hooks or methods in core classes to save the price.
  3. Yea i know it was a cache issue - just not sure why it was happening. I would like to be able to use the cache to speed things up but it's completely worthless out of the box.
  4. Ah yes i see the PHP error now: "Error, method not submitted and no token"
  5. Hmm i don't see any errors in the PHP log. I'm going to investigate this more. It doesn't look like a generic error from Prestashop it's been triggered when the AJAX request fails as far as i can tell from this snippet. $(document).ready(function() { $.ajax({ type: 'GET', url: SETUSERAJAX, data: 'ajax=true&method=setusertoshop&access_token=' + accessToken, success: function(htmlcontent) { if (htmlcontent == 'error') { alert('An error occured - please try again or contact our support'); } else { window.location = htmlcontent; } } }); });; The only other potential issue i can see is the following error in the debugger console:
  6. Running a Prestashop store with the Amazon Payments Module v 2.0.18. When attempting to login i am redirected to Amazon's website as expect, i login successfully then i am redirected back to my own site. Once I arrive back at my own site i am greeted with the following error: Has anyone ran into something like this?
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