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  1. Sí Maxgeo tienes razón. Yo también seguiré investigando. Saludos
  2. Hola de nuevo, Parece que he encontrado una solución. Primero desinstalé el módulo. Luego, lo reinstalé y nuevamente lo configuré pero no activé la opción de mostrar el recaptcha en la página de Registro. Sólo lo activé para Login y Contacto. Espero le sirva esta información. Saludos, Diana
  3. Hola Maxgeo, Tengo el mismo problema inclusive desde PS Estoy investigando como solucionar el problema y si tengo noticias las publicaré aquí. Si tu encuentras la solución también te agradezco por favor hagas lo mismo.
  4. Hi Taleeia, Thank you so very much for posting this thread. I have not been able to upgrade my PS to the last yet but thanks to your help I was able to upgrade the 1-click upgrade module. Hugs and best wishes. Diana
  5. Hi musicmaster, Thank you very much for your message! Yes, I also found that post and I have sent the information to my hosting company. I hope they can help. If so, I will let you know. Thank you again 😊
  6. I'm using PS and PHP 7.2.34. My error_log file is huge...15.6 MB. It gets this big every 2 months more or less. The only error is "PHP Warning: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0" which happens every 3 seconds. Does anyone know what can cause this warning?
  7. Hello ToyLover, I also have the same imagick error on my error_log file. Did you find a solution? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Diana
  8. Hello Carsten, Would you be so kind and tell me which modul do you use for offering GLS or PostNord shipping to customer closest pakkeshops in Denmark on PS 1.7? Thanks in advance and best regards, Diana
  9. Hi ndiaga, Yes. I hope it helps him, too. Definitely, reinstalling and trying the different functions slowly and adding modules one by one is the only option.
  10. Hello Ndiaga, Thank you very much for your response. Yes. I reinstalled Prestashop 1.7, and I have been working with the different module developers to solve issues. I don't know what was wrong but I have moved further with my upgrade. Best regards, Diana
  11. Hello Jacopo, Did you find a solution for this problem? Please let me know. I have the same situation. Thanks and best regards, Diana
  12. Hi Jens, Your post is from 2017 but it help me to solve the same issue now. Thank you (mange tak) Diana
  13. Hello capi666, I don't know which file it was because my hosting company's support agent didn't tell me, but I do know that it was a missing core file in the config folder. I hope this helps. Good luck and best regards, Diana
  14. Hello everyone, I use Prestashop I have this same problem on my second shop and would appreciate very much if someone knows the solution. As Pete78 says, this version of Prestashop already has the code he suggests in form.tpl and, I still have the problem. Customization is working correctly on my default shop but, I use multistore and it's not working on my second shop. I only have one product that requires customization. The customization field in FO is missing and when I add an order in BO, the customization of the product is not available either so when I try to add the product I get an error. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello, Selectshop and Bellini, I rolled back to Prestashop with a backup. It didn't help at all with the Tags block. I am totally confused but I am ready to give up, just uninstall the module and forget about it. Anyway, thank you for trying to help me solve the problem.
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