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  1. Hi, I have very limited programming abilities, but i would like to add API to my store, i have been given the details i need yet lack the knowledge to make this happen How to use the API 1. Confirm your client process language (eg C#,PHP,or Others), we use the C# (vs2012) in the Demo. 2. Add web References in your project (VS2012), and fill in the API URL Link hidden: Login to view Then head to the URL and find the service APIService, rename the Namespace Like ServiceReference, and confirm the Dialog box. 2. CALL the API AuthorizedCategoriesRequest ACRequest = new AuthorizedCategoriesRequest(); ACRequest.ClientId = client; ACRequest.AccessToken = AccessToken; var strReqCategory = Utility.SerializeXML(ACRequest); var str = new ServiceReference1.APIServiceSoapClient().GetAuthorizedCategories(strReqCategory) Then you can get the str Any advice would be most welcome Thank you
  2. hola tengo este problema: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/olieveco/public_html/classes/db/DbPDO.php: Call to a member function rowCount() on a non-object no se como soluconarlo
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