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  1. I enabled debug mode before installing the module, but once I install it and hit configure, I get error 500 in the backend and frontend and I can't do anything. I had to restore backup because it is not possible to see any error. Thank you.
  2. Now I have been able to install it. When I hit configure it throws error 500 and I can't see the error because it won't let me activate the debug mode from ftp. I commented the line in the watermark.php file but it still doesn't work.
  3. Hello, I do what you indicate and I keep getting the same error. I extract the content of the zip folder and compress it again in zip format and it doesn't work. Thanks
  4. Hi, I downloaded version 2.0.0 from the GitHub repository, but when I try to install the .zip file it tells me that the file format is not correct. I have also tried to upload the .zip to the modules folder via FTP and it does not appear in the list of modules, and if I unzip it, it does not appear either. Prestashop Can someone please help me? Thanks
  5. Yo he encontrado esta solución. Una consulta SQL. Al final donde indica o.current_state = 2, tienes que poner el id del estado ENVIADO (En mi caso el 4). Y donde indica ps_order_state_lang poner el prefijo de las tablas de tu bbdd. Exporta un csv con todos los pedidos que hayan sido enviados., Ya es cuestion de jugar un poco. SELECT d.id_order, os.name AS STATUS, d.product_name, d.product_upc, d.product_reference, d.product_price, d.product_quantity, d.product_weight, o.payment, o.date_upd, ad.company, ad.address1, ad.address2, ad.postcode, ad.city, ste.name AS state, cl.name AS country, ad.other, ad.phone_mobile, carrier.name AS carrier, CONCAT_WS(' ', g.firstname, g.lastname) AS customer, gl.name AS group_name FROM ps_order_detail d LEFT JOIN ps_orders o ON (d.id_order = o.id_order) LEFT JOIN ps_customer g ON (o.id_customer = g.id_customer) LEFT JOIN ps_address ad ON ( o.id_address_delivery = ad.id_address ) LEFT JOIN ps_state ste ON (ste.id_state = ad.id_state) LEFT JOIN ps_country_lang cl ON (cl.id_country = ad.id_country) LEFT JOIN ps_carrier carrier ON ( carrier.id_carrier = o.id_carrier ) LEFT JOIN ps_group_lang gl ON ( g.id_default_group = gl.id_group ) AND gl.name LIKE 'club%' LEFT JOIN ps_order_state_lang os ON ( o.current_state = os.id_order_state ) WHERE o.current_state = 4 ORDER BY o.date_add DESC
  6. Hola, estoy intentando importar las direcciones de los clientes, siguiendo el csv de ejemplo de direcciones, pero me arroja este error cuando lleva un 10% y no me deja seguir. La propiedad State->iso_code no es válida No me arroja ningún error más. Indicar que es un PS con una instalación limpia. Tendría que importar o configurar las provincias primero, por ejemplo Las Palmas de Gran Canaria que se configuran aparte? Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda
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