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  1. Thank you much. That version is what was used to migrate but has the 1% error, can you check the connector file download in that package whenever free.
  2. Can you kindly confirm where is the newest version as am having the same problem of 1% ?
  3. TDR- thanks much. Is there any injection risk with this module in terms of how you built the code or updated the module? Paypal is the medium of hacks on multiple shops.
  4. Thanks for this very helpful, what did you replace in myID- your UA number?
  5. No luck as yet. Prestashop is a good product but generally has poor community support.
  6. Sorry, am not tracking- Gundi. What exactly is your question? I followed whatever Grace provided in the answer and it worked. I still have to figure out how to get product review come up in the rich snippets but I dont have time to research that now.
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I had upgraded to a few weeks back and it brought a few things down. I now upgraded again, this PDF issue is now resolved! Hoping the site holds up. Thanks for helping, Gabdara.
  8. THANK YOU so far Gabdara. I found this when turning on Dev Mode as indicated by El Patron.. how can I corrrect the error please? Fatal error: Call to undefined method HTMLTemplateSupplyOrderForm::getPagination() in /home/bedandwo/public_html/classes/pdf/PDF.php on line 95 I did find the table as well, again thanks to you.
  9. Thanks Ndiaga, does it rely on the PS Supply order module and DB to be present? The reason I ask is am not sure my install has the right tables unless you are creating it via your module. I like your giving, sharing theme.. thank you!
  10. Hi - I am not able to print my supply order after creating it. PDF print works perfect for invoices, other order related items. On investigating am not able to locate a PS db called Supply Order. a) Order is created succesfully in Admin panel (see screen shot) b- Blank when print option is used c) Cannot find Supply Order tableSupply order issue.pdf
  11. Sorry Cotoko, I was not probably clear. It is possible to but there is no configuration available, see the picture below. I have read many people indicated it works better but probably it used but now they turned it off? (picture post is not saving- the pic says this module has been installed succesfully but cannot be configured for your country)
  12. Thanks Cotoko, I tried that as well a few days back BUT there is a message when I try to configure it that says this is not the module for your country. Should I be doing anything to reset this warning, happy to/.
  13. Hi Bellini- Can you please help advice what to do in this case? I have a similar issue where it goes to order history instead of order confirmation page hence does not fire or load any of the FB, Google scripts. Please see this post- https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/542461-paypal-usa-order-confirmation-page-skipped-goes-to-order-history/?p=2365659
  14. Hi- My website www.bedandwood.com is based on PS 1.6.1. The paypal module is the latest USA module from the shop and have installed, uninstalled and installed a few times. I still dont get the order to go through to the order confirmation page, it redirects to the order history page. I have the same problem with the First data module though I plan to remove it once PP is firing well. I updated ordercontroller, orderconfirmationcontroller and orderpaymentreturn controller from but still there is no change. Is this related to having clean urls that it needs the URL? I am confused on what to do, have spent so much time. I am happy to provide the PHP files but its all the same from the modules.
  15. I have spent not less than 100 hours on this problem with no solution. The payment modules of Paypal and Firstdata both go to order history without reaching order confirmation. I am on 1.6.1 with everything update. None of my GA, FB scripts are running, firing conversions. I installed the check module and that takes me to the order confirmation page but again GA and FB pixel is not loading. I have no way of knowing what to do. My website is www.bedandwood.com. I have GTM and FB pixel installed. I deleted and reinstalled Paypal and then subsequently upgrade to PayPal Advanced just to see if it changes but no luck, still goes to order history. Anyone can help?
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