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  1. Yes that is an good idea. But I think that this stuff shall be editable without expensive add ons. Any ideas?
  2. Yes as well as the + and - on the product page and a few other icons.
  3. Hello everybody, This is my first post here. After sitting around 2-3 hours yesterday night trying to get stuff to work I decided to ask here. And while not finding any other thread in the subject after some browsing I start a new one. I just started my own LEGO store, and I am currently using the free default theme in Prestashop. The problems started when I tried to change the background color in the header from black to white. I used dreamweaver to edit the line 5739 in the Global.css file. Everything worked so far. Just the fact that every icon on the page disappeared. I tried to locate the problem by testing the process over and over again with small changes. Now is the original global.css file uploaded to replace the broken one. You can see more in the pictures that I attached in the post. Visit the store here: http://brickpick.se/ Best Regards, Anders
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