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  1. I have same problem and I did the same but it do not work for me Any ideas?
  2. I have almost same problem I created a controller and tpl file when I goto: myshop/module/mymodule/mycontroller I get : 500 server error Any one can help please? Do I have to register the controller during installation of the module?
  3. I have made new module in prestashop it is very simple, but when I go to translation and choose my module I get error: no translation file available. Also the file config.xml is not created after installing the module Can any one help
  4. hi I am trying to use datetimepicker in a field in front office, bit when i click on the field i get only datepicker without time sliders, I think this maybe related to same issue of adding jquery at the top, any one can help please?
  5. Hi Yes my problem solved By disabling some modules, i am not sure what module was conflicting with jamarketplace. I disabled all not important modules like crossseling and others i can not remember exactly Try it , it will solve the problem
  6. Hi I am using version 1.6 This is the only error I see in screen, no more details. And this problem only happen when ja-marketplace module is enabled, so I think the call must be from that module. And why this error happen after changing the language only? And why if I refresh the page it work fine again? Can you tell me what is the mean of: call the function on a non-object? Thanks a lot for your help But the module maker is not responding to me, I sent him the error.
  7. Hi, I did this and get this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function assign() on a non-object in /homepages/13/d616742473/htdocs/clickandbuilds/PrestaShop/saudiserawat/classes/module/Module.php on line 2299 What is this means?? At this file and this line number I found this, the line number 2299 in red: public function display($file, $template, $cache_id = null, $compile_id = null) { if (($overloaded = Module::_isTemplateOverloadedStatic(basename($file, '.php'), $template)) === null) { return Tools::displayError('No template found for module').' '.basename($file, '.php'); } else { if (Tools::getIsset('live_edit') || Tools::getIsset('live_configurator_token')) { $cache_id = null; } $this->smarty->assign(array( 'module_dir' => __PS_BASE_URI__.'modules/'.basename($file, '.php').'/', 'module_template_dir' => ($overloaded ? _THEME_DIR_ : __PS_BASE_URI__).'modules/'.basename($file, '.php').'/', 'allow_push' => $this->allow_push ));
  8. Hi, Thanks for reply No I did not do this, I will do today and see ...
  9. Hi, I have also a problem related to changing the language of the site I have installed ja-marketplace module, and the problem started The problem is: If I open a product page, and change the language to lang X, then change to language Y again, I get a blank page, then I have to refresh the page to get it work. I found that if the product do no have image, this problem not happen. Also if I change the language while browsing a category and then click on any product or link in the page I have the blank page again. This problem happen only if a user logged in If I disable the ja-marketplace module, the problem disappear. Please if someone can help ...
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