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  1. my question is very simple i want to translate states names
  2. can i fix the white space in images

    after i regenerate all images with old and smaller size got white space around
  3. hi every one i used to use image in size 512*512 but i want to change it now for new products to be 1000*1000 when i add this dimensions in IMAGE SETTINGS thickbox_default and large_default i notices that all old images got a white space around the product images how can i fix this
  4. can i share customer between different groups ?

    thnank you for your replay even if it takes custom code ?
  5. how to add custom language switcher

    any help ?
  6. can i share customer between different groups ? customers only
  7. hi i intend to use prestashop multistore as every store different language for example store.com/en-GB is a store in english store.com/de-ES is a store in Spain but the problem is what is the code to add language switcher between this for example if i'm in store.com/en-GB/index.php?id_product=1&id_product_attribute=1&rewrite=faded-short-sleeves-tshirt&controller=product#/1-size-s/13-color-orange iwant when i click on the button move to store.com/de-ES/index.php?id_product=1&id_product_attribute=1&rewrite=faded-short-sleeves-tshirt&controller=product#/1-size-s/13-color-orange
  8. how to use hreflang in url

    hi all i wonder if i can use the hreflang in the url for example if my site is German content, for users in Spain url will be example.com/de-ES if my site is English content, for GB users url will be example.com/en-GB thank you in advance
  9. moving from magento but i got problems

    thank you but it more than 6000 link
  10. hi i was using magento but i choose to move to prestashop but my problem is the url structure in prestashop is different than magento so i got a lot of 404 error form google which get me down in rank and seo score what should i do about this ?
  11. how to add in Attributes buttons like famous one in cloth stores XL XXL M S L i know i can use images and add XL in the image but i think buttons is better thanks
  12. hi many customers these days don't have an e-mail account or they don't remember it but every one got mobile how can i allow users to login with there mobile number and send sms verification i'm using prestasms module for sms and latest version of prestashop thank you in advance
  13. 500 error in module tracking front

    no it's a standard module in ps 1.7 go to shop parameters ->> traffic & seo >> referrers >> add new and you will got the link
  14. 500 error in module tracking front

    when i disable debug mode i got HTTP ERROR 500
  15. hi i'm using latest version of prestashop when i go to modules/trackingfront/stats.php i got 500 error and this a screen of the erro r thank you in advance