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  1. panontherm.co.rs directshop.rs hobbitsystem.com neodata.rs lenikids.com shop.kup.rs etcsystems.co.rs dvesmizle-shop.com Here is a couple of examples of (currently) active websites in Serbia made in PrestaShop. Please add to the list to keep it up to date. Now the sad thing is that PrestaShop websites are almost always small businesses, so there is a high risk that they might not make it after two years. That's why I keep finding indexed data that a website is built in PrestaShop, but no longer live... So keep that in mind.
  2. Hey guys, here is a topic where all the users of PrestaShop in Serbia can gather, exchange their contact, experience and ideas... Whether they are developers, business owners, e-commerce users or just want to know more about PrestaShop. If you have a website or online shop in Serbia, build in PrestaShop, please share your comments, thought, ideas, experiences with the group. We will be publishing and hopefully maintaining a list of all PrestaShop websites in Serbia. All feedback is more than welcome. Thanks!
  3. Honestly, I prefer the not-so-old version of PrestaShop, but where all the modules I need work. Tell me, what is the point of having newest PrestaShop version, if you can't use the module you need to sell your products (retargeting, analytics...)? The problem is of course that Presta moves to the new framework and made all the modules from 1.6 obsolete in 1.7 And another problem is that developers aren't too keen to keep up with all the unneeded changes in 1.7 to make their modules work...
  4. A simple export products function and then import to new shop won't work for you, since it only exports basic data, no images etc... at least on PrestaShop 1.6 You will probably need a specialized module, if you don't know how to manually export everything from the database, which is very complex tasks to do. So I recommend looking up some good modules for export/import.
  5. Most likely you will need to manually revert to previous version of PrestaShop, which isn't really easy... The easiest thing for you to do right now is to ask your hosting provider is it possible for them to revert to previous installation version. Do you run a live shop?
  6. Hi guys, we got an email from our payment provider that we need to upgrade to TLS 1.2, without even specifying for what or where exactly. So after some research I believe I concluded that they meant that the server needed to be checked if TLS 1.2 is supported. Checked all my browsers, sure enough, they are all newest versions, so they all check out: (quick way to check you browser, mobile or desktop) https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html Since there is no dedicated TLS checker like there is for SSL, I had to use that one, and only couple of those checker even mention what TLS protocols are supported: https://cryptoreport.websecurity.symantec.com/checker/ Protocols enabled: TLS1.2 TLS1.1 TLS1.0 Is there anything else you would like to recommend checking? This relates to all payment modules, since if the payment platform starts to refuse TLS 1.0 and you don't support TLS 1.2, then you won't be able to get any payments...
  7. Same thing is happening to me. I also tried downloading the module from it's official site, and it worked. But how do you download PrestaShop's build-in module, like Merchant rewards??? PrestaShop is just getting worse from day to day...
  8. Which PrestaShop version are you using? I believe the problem lies in cache, you need to deactivate all cache and clear it. Go to Advanced Parameters/Performance, set Cache to "NO". Set Template compilation to "Never recompile template files". Set Use cache (bottom of the page) to "NO". Then try to Clear cache (upper right hand corner button). Try to force clearing browser cache via Ctrl+F5. If the problem still occurs, caching isn't the problem and you need to check URL configuration. Tell us how it went.
  9. Hi there, there is a similar post already, with solution to it (module that shows those emails and products). Attached is the module from that post, or you can visit the original post: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/47173-module-list-of-customer-out-of-stock-registrations Thanks to Presta-dyr forum user. statsoos_0.5.zip
  10. Hi Simon, this might be a long shot, but try force clearing the cache with Ctrl+F5 on a PC and make sure you have set Smarty Cache to Off. Advanced parameters / Performance / Cache - No. Also recommend setting template compilation to Never recompile, or just play around with the options to see what produces a result. Don't forget second Caching option all the way to the bottom of the Performance page, also set it to Use cache - No. Tell us how it went.
  11. It shouldn't really be possible... Can you tell us a bit more info?
  12. Also not sure if you're in the right place, but how exactly would you like to connect those websites? Just links them or make some sort of integration?
  13. How can it be that PrestaShop doesn't have the simplest feature to delete all images at once? Let's say you have products with over 100 or 200 images and you accidentally upload wrong ones. So now you just need to delete the wrong 100 or 200 ones and upload the correct ones? But there is no button or feature "Delete all product images"?? For crying out loud... So you have to go about and click each product image by hand, manually every single one... Just makes no sense... Sure you can maybe create a copy of the product and then upload your new images there, but then you lose URL to that old product. But you can always change the URL? No, no you can't, because PrestaShop isn't WordPress.... Dang... Don't get me wrong, I love PrestaShop, it's just that some necessary features are missing even though Presta release version 1.7 with bells and whistles... Frustratingly irritating to delete all images by hand... Presta, please add this simple feature.
  14. Ehm, did you also clone the database and set the connection and credentials to it in config file?
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