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  1. I really dont mind how it will be displayed. This need occurs, when we got 3 last items in stock and we want to add a discount on them, BUT not to have the discount on the 4th, 5th, etc item. So in case i received 3 orders of 1 each, after that the product should have the normal price If a client adds 4 pieces of that product, 3 should be with discount and 4th item with normal price Is that possible?
  2. Is there any way to set a discount on an item just for the 5 first sales of that product, and as soon as 5 are sold, item returns to normal price without discount? I do knot want to deny orders when quantity is sold, but have it at normal -non-discounted-price
  3. Έχετε υπόψη σας κάποιο module/addon το οποίο να επιτρέπει την εισαγωγή έκπτωσης για πχ 3 τεμάχια έναν κωδικό και μετά να επανέρχεται η αρχική τιμή ή να αφαιρείται η έκπτωση αυτή?
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