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  1. hello and thanx, yes, sorry, i should have included this message, which appears right after calling the site in the browser: Diese Seite funktioniert nicht domain.eu kann diese Anfrage momentan nicht verarbeiten. HTTP ERROR 500 i again have to say, that it just happened! whithout any changes on my side on the server. i still try to find out, if some files where changed , or whatever.... anyway, thanx for helping. stan
  2. hello, i had a fine working shop , prepared to launch, but had not time for it since january 19. today i wanted to open the shop and either the shop, nor the admin site will open.... i definitely did not change anything on the installation, since it was working . has anybody an idea, how to restart the shop? it is presta thanx a lot stan
  3. hi el, thank you very much. i already set this. my intention is to allow users in countries other then german or english to read my web-site in english and then call the shop in english automatically. the "browser-language" solution - as far as i can understand it - only works for languages installed in presta...... so in my german browser, although with a website in english (php-side), the shop will always start in german. edit1: from german broswer the shop start in english - from german windows.....not sure, why... stan
  4. hello rollge, thank you very much! problem solved. stan
  5. hello, is there a way to pass a start-up language to the shop index page? something like header('Location: https://www.xy/zzzz_shop/index.php?languange=en'); i have multiple - language - web and it would be great to start the shop with the selected language. thanx a lot. stan
  6. hello mahmut & prestasoo, to 1: i know about the testmail. the thing is: -right after buying (checkout) the system says: mail was sent to <customer adress> - green field - BUT NO MAIL COMES IN -then sending testmail works without problems, test mail comes into my admin account, not in the customer account -then in "ORDERS - detailed view" you can RESEND the email - here an error is reported - pink field i simply cannot find a way to repair this to point 2: yes, maybe it is a good idea to setup an account (i will try to do it on my own webspace, not google). thanx for this idea, althuoh i would prefer a shop-internal-php-solution thanx stan EDIT: with the smtp-email setting thru my own mail server now the messages are sent! thanx! you guys are the greatest! it seems that there are some problems in the internal php-mail-config..... now i have to find the formular for the confirmation mail to edit it a bit.....next challenge -:) stan
  7. hello., my lawer said to me yestarday, that if i want to sell b2b - only, my shop must guarantee, that the customer enters his vat-number. now the checkout marks this as option (in b2b-mode). what can i do? thank you. stan
  8. hello mahmut, thanx a lot for the explanation. but how can it happen, that i have both numbers in 1 profile? i created this test user, made some inputs, and now have in the same user DE 00001111222 in the ID and DE 11111 in VAT (which also appears in the check out and in the bill ( i created one for test purpose) i will have make a new test user to understand, how the input was and where those different inputs where made (by me). thanx stan edit: in b2b vat-number shoud be enter directly in the new profile....?
  9. hello, i just canot point out: in the custumer info there is an IDENTIFICATION NUMBER - what is it ? and what is it for? who declares it? in the billing (check out) - when you edit - you can see a VAT-NUMBER, which is different.... and in a B2B - mode: how can i switch off the "OPTIONAL " for the VAT-Number ? thanx a lot. stan
  10. hello, 1. when i make an order as a test user and finisch it with method "bank transfer", i do not get a confirmation mail, even it the system shows " a confirmation mail was sent..." the test user has alread more orders, not payed, set to "canceled". may this be a reason somehow ? 2. is it possible to delete orders totaly (not only change their settings) ? thanx for helping stan
  11. hello, i do not understand, why the tax id number i input as a text user now appear in SIRET... any idea? thanx stan screenshots: customer info in backand & user info in frontend
  12. hello, i just have the problem while testing orders, that with the bankwire order i do not get a confirmation message via email to the customer's mail acount, although the system write at the top of the confirmation, that the email was sent... the internal test to the same adress works perfectly. can anybody give me some tios, where to adjust someting? thank you. stan
  13. hallo und vielen dank für die tips. zur Version: PrestaShop-Version ich habe mich in die unterlagen vertieft, komme aber leider hier nicht weiter: bild 1 - rechnungsformular eingestellt bild 2 - tpl im Editor - hier werden $-variable ür die datenfelder gezeigt. könnten sie mir sagen, wo diese Textfelder editiert werden? wenn icherst einmal das Prinzip begriffen habe :-) (bin erst einpaar tage dabei mit der neuen version) und tatsächlich finde ich noch keinen weg, eine testrechnung - also den Output - für kontrollzwecke zu generieren danke jetzt schon für alle tips! stan PS: wie kann man im nachhinein den titel des Posts editieren (um es als gelöst zu markieren) ? danke
  14. hi, i changed both, the theme footer and the check-out footer, buit i don't get any change in the front end. i want to add some info to the presta-shop-copyright line, but no way. any experience with it? i changed the tpl's in server, cleared the browser cache, reloaded sites in chrome and ie, but the copyright -line remains there unchanged. thanx stan
  15. hallo, wo kann man (welches modul) die Tabellen-Inhalte der kontoeingabe editieren? ich habe den shop generell auf B2B-eingestellt und möchte die "optional" - hinweise rausnehmen (und andere texte bearbeiten). danke jetzt schon für ihre hilfe. (ich muss zugeben, ich habe someine Probleme bei der Identifizierung der module für diejeweiligen Inhalte....) danke stan
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