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  1. Thanks for everyones help on this. My issue with the Paypal module was permissions and not the actual module itself.
  2. The reason I thought it was a module issue is that it is only this module that is affected. Other PHP pages don't have this problem.
  3. I've done that and I'm getting a 404 for the test.php file.
  4. Interesting. It works for the test.txt file but not for the php files there. That's strange.
  5. Hi I've checked and all five files are there.
  6. Yes it is the express link at the bottom of the page. Try it and you will see it takes you too a 404 page.
  7. Hi It's the standard Paypal plug-in that is being used. If you go to bluejayorientalfoods.co.uk and attempt to purchase a product using the Paypal link it just sends you to a 404 page.
  8. Hi I've just been asked to look at a problem on a Prestashop site where the Paypal module v3.10.10 has been installed but when you click on it in the shop you just get a 404 page. This issue looks to have been going on for a long time. It appears that the fix is to install @DH42 module as there is no official fix. Am I correct? How are people finding that the DH42 module works?
  9. Yes. specify the quantity and then click on the add to cart. So if I want to buy 7 apples I can select 7 and then click on the add to cart button.
  10. Hi That adds a zero in a box. How does the customer change that zero to the quantity wanted? Thanks, Paul
  11. Hi When in the category section we have products 4 across and then you move the mouse over the product you have 'Add to cart' and 'More' as the options. We would like to remove the 'More' option and replace it with a quantity option so that the customer can buy the product in any quantity straight from the product grid page. Is this possible and any tips on doing it would be appreciated? Thanks, Paul Prestashop
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