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  1. This was not what is in the earlier stores. If you don't like my opinion that is your choice. I read. This used to be an option you would select 5 step or one page. Now it is not there. Now there is only the layered checkout. This change sucks and is not user friendly. There are allot of changes to prestashop and the forum, such as the rude behavior of what should be someone minding their own business if they don't have help to offer. My voicing my frustrations after years of being loyal and having prestashop fail even on install with new versions are valid in my eyes. EPIC fali to the tune of loosing a major client because I stood up for prestashop and it failed after months of work the day before launch. I spent 4 days without sleep just before Thanksgiving to fix it with custom code. This is so pathetic. It used to take max a couple of hours to get support on the forum and always find answers. Now weeks later stuff is unanswered or answered with your snide ways of insult. Look Prestashop is doing Microsoft bad behaviors and is releasing beta as production and it is sloppy and your service and support now sucks and people are moving on. Prestashop once had fans, cult following and I happily led the race. I have been loyal and it cost me a major client right before Christmas. So thanks but no thanks. Sorry, not sorry for my opinion! This is not the one page checkout that was there and it was removed in a shady way to make money on plug-ins. Your hurting financially because you stopped caring. The only ones helping are those selling modules. It's just sad. I am moving on too. This new store I am doing I just tried a fresh install of Prestashop and it is back office white screen and logo and front office fine.. that's version and it sucks.. this is a fresh install.. no help for days on the forum although I posted.. it's bad production release and greed. PERIOD. Learn to take this as it is, information on problems that can be solutions and grow from it instead of trying to defend crap!
  2. I have the same issue and nothing above which I tried is working. Changing permissions on cache and all sub.. yet still front office works and back office does not. hosted at inmotion. have 9 stores all working, this is fresh install https://joyasangria.com/shop/ got not back office only white screen with logo.. when logging in. front office fine. Please speak up Prestashop moderators. Your help is needed please.
  3. OK. I gave up. I hired someone to build a module to REMOVE the home tabs. If you need this solution I am happy to provide the contact for this developer who will I am sure happily sell you his module at a fair price! GENUIS he is. Kingsley Paragon on Skype search him. Thanks, Tina SOLVED!
  4. I have looked and cannot for the life of me find it. I actually spent 4 days trying to find this, I found the featured products module which my theme version is only a copy of the core module with exclusively only color changes to css only in this theme and the rename, thats it. What I need to know is how in the featured products core module that comes with prestashop 1.7 how does one normally turn off these two tabs. This should be a simple setting right? So how does one shut off the undesired tabs normally? I am saying there is no home-page-tabs in my files. I pm'd you access to my back office so you can see for your self and updated my localization files geoip so you can access it from your country now. Please take a look I welcome it.
  5. Anybody???? Help, getting desperate trying to launch for black friday... I want to keep the featured products tab but loose the other two. Please advise as quickly as possible, anyone? Suggestions are very welcome. I will try anything. This should be a simple setting. Another 1.7 blunder.. #Prestashop=MicrosoftLaunchingWithoutTesting
  6. There is no more standard one page checkout option in 1.7.4 I am sorry but you must be just plain incorrect. There is no option back office to make any changes to checkout at all now. The option to change it to one page was removed in the new version 1.72 forward. This in 1.6 which I have another store in does actually work fine and has this option. Only in the new version1.74 is this the case. So I do not believe I am seeing things and that you are incorrect. As I am looking at both on my server, both versions and the differences. How else would I know this information? Really. It was an attempt to sell plug-ins/add ons and it is down right shady nickel and dimeing and not an upgrade a downgrade. Shame on Prestashop for this decision! PERIOD!
  7. In presashop 1.7.4 version I have featured products enabled on home page. It also shows Best Sellers Tab and New Products Tab but only the featured products module in the back office is enabled. Both the best sellers plug in and the new products plug in are not active or enabled in the back office. Yet they both show as if they are part of the featured products. In the configure featured products there is no way to turn them off. So.. How do I get rid of the tabs on my home page for Best Sellers and New Products my client does not want to show? Thanks, Tina
  8. I managed to fix some of the issues, for example in mobile version the reason some items could not be changed in the cart was a missing jquery file which I added and it works. SO much for upgrade. I am disgusted with this one.
  9. stuck finishing up in prestashop but will evaluate all options why? in Prestashop 1.7 now. You have a solution for this cheap move?
  10. I am deeply dissapointed you removed the one page checkout and called this an upgrade in 1.7 version. It is a feature that was in all previous versions and now you charge over $100 for the module. This is an insult at best to your users. NOT AN UPGRADE. In fact all the upgrades in this new version have turned into nightmares as so many plug in's no longer work or have major issues. The mobile version you cannot remove items from the cart or change the quantity and you cannot do a few other really nice things you could do in past versions. You tout the spinning ajax thing as a benefit but it shows up everywhere in back office and is only really annoying. I am dissapointed as I have pushed Prestashop in my business for my clients for the last 10 years and now feel like I have failed them trusting your team. I am switching away from this product as I am sure many others will if real improvements and better leadership do not kick in soon. I am done being nickeled and dimed. It feels like being ripped off and I won't allow that for my clients. Adios Prestashop, Shame on you!
  11. oK.. this is great for 1.6 but 1.7 does not even have that file in that directory. Any suggestions on 1.7 version?
  12. Pascal this limits every product to quantity of 1. I would like to limit some products to 9 and some to 13 quantity. How can I do this per product. The modules there do not address this specifically either. Is there a way to specify it in the product when adding to cart as well. I would rather the person see it at the product page and not wait until he gets to the cart to see the message as well.
  13. I have needed PrestaShop modules that are so complex they were just over my head in coding. I reached out and after a few really bad experiences as most of us have had I found the best coder I have ever worked for and man does this guy KNOW his Prestashop. He is brilliant. I mean BRILLIANT at coding. Snatch up his services quick. His name is Kingsley Paragon and you can reach him on skype. His skype handle is pnet101 I will just say YOU ARE WELCOME right now because you will be thanking me later. I had him do a Single sign on for 3 programs and he had to do it as a Prestashop module and it had to log into a .NET custom LDAP library for access. NOT an easy task as all three systems were completely different and two had their own log in that essentially had to be overridden. Prestashop I did not want to take away any of the other features so this was challenging and I wanted to make it so that on updates the work would never get overwritten. He did it all.. Poof DONE and WORKING. Just thought I would do the favor of sharing this really GREAT resource of a good coder that is affordable, honest, fast and kind with you guys. Thanks, Tina.
  14. This does not work anymore in 1.6 You cannot name the HOME something else. Any other way to do it now in back office?
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