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  1. I feel lost which doesn't normally happen. Is there a guide somewhere on setting this up? I have searched everywhere and cannot find anything. I need the module to have a different sku (reference) like normal combinations based on the choices but I cannot seem to locate how to do this. Also, how do I price impact since we are only adding one item. I think this is a good module but without proper documentation it is hard to get started.
  2. Hello, My sliders everywhere module is not saving my changes. I try to delete a slide from the slider and it never saves the change. Any ideas as to why this might be? Thanks, Zack
  3. Pedebot you can find this theme on templatemonster. it is called the moto theme in the prestashop section Best, Zack
  4. Hi, I have a website that I am trying to run Faktiva's URL module on. When I install the module, it gives me the message "You need to fix duplicate URL entries:" and then at least 100 different URL's to fix. Does anyone know where I can go to delete these duplicates? I looked in my ps_product_lang table and saw duplicate entries but I am afraid to delete anything and mess up the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Zack
  5. Hey guys, I know this thread is somewhat dead but I need some help. I only want this message to show on the payment screen and no where else. Any suggestions as to how I make it do this?
  6. Hi, I cannot access my sliders everywhere module. It gives me "access denied" every time I try to gain access. Has anyone else had a problem like this? Also, when I was able to access the module, it was not retaining any of the information I was trying to save. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. If you have no experience in the field I would suggest looking for a module or outsourcing a company that does webpage design! Hope this helps, Zack
  8. Hey guys, I have some product that I only want to be available to my reseller customer group and not the general customer group. Anyone have an idea on how to do this? I know I can put them in a category and limit the category but it's only 2 products that I need to do this for. Thanks, Zack
  9. Hello, I was sent a very long error log from my hosting company this morning. I have no idea what it means or where it got zend cart from. Here is an example of one of the errors: [Mon Jun 20 06:44:47.991713 2016] [:error] [pid 252454:tid 140643354765056] [client] doesn't appear to be a valid Zend extension, referer: (a link to my backend appears here) Has anyone had this problem before? There is about 200 more errors all having the same description at different times with different referral links. Thanks, Zack
  10. suteibi, I had the same problem with my website. It is not the modules fault in our case. We contacted our hosting provider and they found that it was a problem in the php.ini file and fixed it for us. Good luck, Zack
  11. Hello, I need to modify this menu on the bottom where the 2 products are. I want to remove the price fields and make the red text smaller and not bold. I have achieved these results via inspect but I cannot find where in the files to make these changes permanent. The module is TM Mega Menu with the Motorcycle Store theme from Template Monster on Prestashop Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi, Prestashop Version Latest Module Version Installed No issue, just a question https://www.vaultenclosures.com Is there anyway to make a slide show once someone has logged into the site? I want to make a slider that is clickable to see my product catalog but only once the person has logged in to the site. Thanks, Zack
  13. Hello, I have a slider at the top of my home page but it isn't showing my full image. Is there anyway to make the actual slider bigger in height to accommodate the images?
  14. SOLVED!! Make sure if anyone else has this problem that they go inside themes/YOURTHEME/css/global.css to modify this.
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