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  1. Thank you Paul, this module seems to work perfectly, but did you find that the loading speed of your website was reduced drastically once you had installed the module?
  2. I have tried all of this but the height of the banner has not changed, any other ideas?
  3. I know which files I need to edit the issue is that the changes aren't taking effect on the website, but thank you.
  4. I am struggling to update any CSS files on my website, I update them in the original files but they are not uploading onto the website, I have tried refreshing Cache and used different browsers and everything else I have found online, I have tried adding !Important to css files but nothing is working. At the moment I am trying to change the height of my blockbanner and I am also trying to update background colours and so on in global.css but nothing I do will work. Any help would be appreciated.
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