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  1. 1 minuut geleden, NunoACruz zei:

    Hello, I need your help. I've got a site that sales new and refurbished products, on product.tpl i added the code

    "{block name='product_condition'}
        <br></br><span style="color: #339966; font-size: 16px">
        {if $product.condition}
          <div class="product-condition">
            <label class="label">{l s='Condition' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'} </label>
            <link itemprop="itemCondition" href="{$product.condition.schema_url}"/>
      {/block}", but what I really want is to only show condition of the product if it's refurbished, ando not of all of them, I've got more ten 50.000 products, and I import via CSV, so I can't "untick" each new product do hide the condition. I think I just need an "if" in that code to show only refurbished products.

    PLease open a new post. This is a post from 2014. Also give as much information as you have: Prestashop version etc.

  2. then indeed its a good idea to get help with configuring your shop. At the other hand there are so much tutorials on youtube. It is possible to learn it. But if installing a module is not done for you, you better ask help otherwise you can also destroy your shop.


  3. thats pretty general you're asking. Can you explain what you mean? Its not that way that you download a platform and everything is ready. There's a lot of work to do, on every platform you choose. Also with Prestashop. So be more specific to get a proper answer from our comunity members.

  4. First try to put your shop in debug.

    If you can't acces you dashboard you can enable it through FTP by accessing config/defines.inc.php and usually @line  29 you will find :

    define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false);

    change it to:

    define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);

    It will give you a report when trying to reach your backend. Maybe someone can help you with that.

    Then second: I have not very good experiences with shops on Strato. Its a good system for hobby websites, but if you want to do a serious job please take a specialized hosting. There are several options for that. As i see youre from the netherlands you could contact www.wallgrind.nl Its also for startups a good company.

  5. Persoonlijk zou ik de footer clean houden. Klanten zoeken daar informatie en hoeven (in mijn optiek dan) niet vermaakt te worden. Op mobiel valt deze volgens mij ook al weg bij jou shop. Je zou het dus voor een klein deel van pc/laptop bezoekers doen. Misschien een idee om wat klanten hier ook naar te vragen.

    Maatvoering weet ik zo niet, maar wellicht dat dit in de thema documentatie is terug te vinden?

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