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  1. Thanks Ndiaga for the information. Is Prestashop default-bootstrap template considered as standard or responsive template? I can have access to default-bootstrap template through smartphone as well !
  2. Hi, two questions: 1- What is the difference between responsive and standard theme? 2- Could you please advice with the links where I can find some reliable free themes?
  3. After clearing the cache the problem solved now. Just I want to know how I can adjust the location in the footer? The seal is displayed now in the center of the footer. If I want to move it to the right or left what shall I do?
  4. Hi, The problem after clearing the cache was solved. Thanks
  5. It is in www.gifthouse.co.nz I have no idea about how it looks like now! However I have used Paypal standard code now at the site.
  6. Hi, I am following the guidelines to add Trust Seal code to the footer but it doesn't show anything! Any idea or help is really appreciated...
  7. I have already tried to follow the guidelines and edited footer.tpl but nothing is displayed there! Any clue? Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Hi, I have received the HTML code which displays Bank Seal logo on the site and then want to add it to my site. Please advise if there is any specific module or addon for this purpose and how I can control where it to be displayed?
  9. In Webmaster and in "Fetch as Google" part I noticed Modules and Tools in robot.txt make problem in my pages from Google perspective and then I deleted two below rows from robot.txt : Disallow: */Modules/ Disallow: */Tools/ By that now Google sees exactly what human sees on my site, however I am not sure if this change will make any problem or threat on my site since now search engines could have access to the pages using Modules and Tools ! Any idea?
  10. Hi, In my Prestashop project to improve my ranking in Google shall I delete robots.txt from the root or still I had better to keep it and allow just certain pages to be indexed? if so which pages should be allowed? Will there be any threat if I delete robots.txt from my project? Now that I have created robots.txt in my project none of the pages in my project are indexed by Google...
  11. Just I noticed for the first time that I login to backoffice it seems I can disable demo mode but as soon as I switch back to demo mode just once then it will not function and just by disabling again it will refresh the random data! Any idea?
  12. Hi, I am using Prestashop and then in this version Demo mode bottom is on Top right hand corner but it does not function properly, I mean by disabling it just the random data will refresh, This is strange and looks like a bug to me. Any help or suggestion to disable the demo mode at all?
  13. Hi, I am trying to turn off the demo mode in Dashboard, There is a small bottom in Top right in my backoffice and when I change it just another random data is displayed in the dashboard and still it remain in demo mode. Could you please advice?
  14. Hi, In my shop I need to set different shipping costs per country but as I see it is based on specific regions! For instance I want to set different shipping rules for New Zealand and Australia, what is your advice?
  15. Great, it works fine now. But any other module to show a magnifier in a separate window?
  16. Hi, is there any free magnifier module in product page you can suggest?
  17. Hello, in my Prestashop project I do not want to add images for each category but in parenting category I need to have the image ( 125 x 125 px ) pointing to that sub category. How I can do that? I tried to add image just to "Category Thumbnail" but it is not displayed in Sub category template... Is there any way to remove sub category image template as well from sub categories?
  18. Hi, I try to use 3rd party payment Gateway to my Prestashop which is running on localhost and then I get below error: "Post error: SSL Certificate Problem: Unable to get issuer certificate..." I have received "ca-bundle.crt" and added it to a directory and pointed to that in Apache ( httpd-ssl.conf ) but still I have problem during check out! How I can point cURL to above directory? Any suggestion and advise is welcome... Thanks
  19. I am looking for a module in product page to show a table of all product variations with different prices so that customer could choose from. For instance the dimensions of the product that will impact on the price. Which module do you recommend? Is there any free one available as well?
  20. I live in NZ and looking for payment options in my online shop that will have customers from overseas as well. I would like to know shall I select from local payment gateways in NZ or go through international ones like Authorize.net and Paypal? There are differences about price plan and the time to transfer the money to my account between those options, but any other pros/cons? If I go with international gateways which ones you propose?
  21. I might have contents of about 30 MBytes as well. How I can manage sizes more than 8 MBytes then? Possibly zip will not help that much!
  22. No I do not want to send email from localhost, I want to put an eBook in my shop with 8 MBytes size and then want to see if it works fine in my localhost or not? Then I want to adjust localhost parameters to check this...
  23. Great, now I try to increase "Maximum Size for a Downloadable Product" to 8 MByte but I get the following error: "The limit chosen is larger than the server's maximum upload limit. Please increase the limits of your server." I am running Prestashop on localhost. So how I can adjust this parameter in my local host to evaluate my job?
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