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  1. Hi. In order to "Serve static content from a cookie less domain" I am planning to configure Psedu CDN on my shared hosting and in a sub domain. I proceed with standard setting in Prestashop backend. The question is how I should upload static contents to CDN directory? I don't want to use any paid CDN service. Thanks
  2. Hi, now I am using the module in my site. Based on live cache editor figures I see a big improvement in site load time and even I feel it but when I test the site with tools like GTmetrix or even Chrome I do not see any change or improvements. Do you have any idea? Does Gtmetrix clear cache every time we use it? How do you measure those parameters : Open page index Open page category Open page product I am using version 2.6.4 and I see below parameters in my live cache editor: Load Time: 0.104 sUpdated: 18.28 mins agoHits: 40Misses: 6 Thanks, Shahram
  3. Hi, In my site although I have put optimized images but still the old ones before optimization are loaded. For instance b11.png in below link is about 30 kbyte while what I have put in /themes/buzz/img/b11.png is less than 1 kbyte !! http://crazygadgets.co.nz/themes/buzz/img/b11.png Any idea why it happens and how I can resolve it? Thanks
  4. Thanks to share the information. Did you achieve these results when no cache in Chrome? I mean first time that you browse your site without any cache and history you see the same improvement?
  5. Hi, I am planning to buy this module: Express Cache - Speed up your Prestashop from https://www.xtendify.com . Has anyone used this module? How much improvement in site load time we can expect? Shall I order Installation option during ordering? What support I will get by this option? Thanks
  6. Hi, I am trying to optimize static images in my template. I have optimized all of them by Kraken and replaced all the images in respective img folder in the template. How I can force prestashop to load those optimized images? Now I have to insert each optimized image separately and one by one. Is there a quick way for this? Thanks
  7. Hi, I want to have a clear idea how to measure site load time? Shall we go through standard tools like GTmetrix and Pingdom or we had better use Chrome time analysis? In case of using Chrome what is the standard way? Shall we clear cache each time before analysis? ( Which seems logical! ) What is the best practice of Prestashop in trems of site load time in case of shared hosting and VPS? ( My reference here is to use Chrome without any cache in the memory ) Thanks.
  8. Hi, When I install a new theme in local host and after passing all steps successfully I notice that the theme could not be enabled and then I receive Error 501 while in real host there is no problem and it works successfully. Any idea how to resolve the issue in localhost? I ma using Prestashop 1.6 . Thanks
  9. Hi, Which module you propose to add video in both Product page and Landing page in Prestashop? The source of video could be in shared folder or on my local host... Is there any free module available as well?
  10. Hi, I would like to include VAT number in customer invoice? How could I do that?
  11. Thanks a lot for your reply. Since I am a bit new in Prestashop could you please let me know the tasks in steps and a bit more in details so that I can follow?
  12. Hi, I am using SmartBlog from SmartDraftSoft but it is not visible in Google site map and then useless. Does anybody have experience with this module or possibly any other Blog module you could advise to avoid this problem?
  13. Hi, I am trying to improve my site speed and then found this topic about how to speed up site and compression with htaccess file. Although the subject is old but it should help me to improve my site. However I didn't succeed to utilize the codes in htaccess file. Could anyone provide a fresh code for Prestashop 1.6 that I could add to my htaccess file? Thanks
  14. So in case I use different responsive theme the problem might be resolved? If so how I could know the them functions well before paying for that?
  15. Hi, In GTMetrix and Serve scaled images part I see low performance in my site since lots of images are re sized. A message like this: image resized in HTML or CSS from 250x250 to 193x193. Serving a scaled image could save 5.4KiB (41% reduction). Do you have any clue how I could resolve this issue and avoid re sizing in HTML or CSS to improve site loading time?
  16. Hi, I have changed all "tax" key word with "GST" for New Zealand market in Localization/Front Office Translations but still there are some areas in front office that I see "tax" instead of GST ! For instance in "View my Shopping Card". Do you have any clue where I have missed in this replacement?
  17. Hi, in my check out page how I can adjust the position of payment part as per attached image? I want to shift it to the left and even to make it more attractive? Could I replace that part with my own design?
  18. Hi Ndiaga, I tried the same in localhost and then created a new theme and added the new theme folder there but then I receive below error: 500 Server Error Do you have any idea how to fix the problem?
  19. and the next question is when I try to install this template I receive an error ( bad configuration file )! Do you know what is problem with that?
  20. Hi, when modifying pretashop content there are two approaches: 1- To modify the shop in the real host 2- To modify it in localhost and then delete the existing shop from host and upload the new one Which approach is preferred? Modifying the site in local host is more safe and secure but my worry is by that site rank and reference in Google and other Search engines might be affected or deleted?!!
  21. Hi, since I am a bit new to Prestashop could you please guide me in steps how to modify the code? Thanks.
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