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  1. Hello, I also had similar problem, then I used reference_id in place of carrier_id. So now even when changing the carrier options it displays my carriers at check out and all works well. But now my problem is that, the speed slows down after I change the delay of any carrier. I think changing carrier options should not affect the speed. Is it some thing that should be taken care of, and is left by my side or unknown to me. Please guide me through this. Thank You
  2. Hello, I have built up a module where I have to make use of pdf. For that I have been using mpdf - library, which works very well. Now Im about to release my module but before it undergoes validation under prestashop validator and during that process I get the error to convert some file from mpdf library to utf-8 encoded and also get some file structure errors. How do I fix this? Thank You, GP
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