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  1. Estou com o mesmo problema mencionado pelo colega logo acima


    public_html/modules/qvmcarriercorreiosfree/qvmcarriercorreiosfree.php: Cannot use object of type SoapFault as array


    como resolver?

    Versão do prestashop?



    Gente, onde faço o download deste módulo que ainda não consegui descobrir!




    Não esqueça que é preciso fazer um cadastro pra receber a chave.

  2. Did you already create the features you want in Back Office?


    After that 


    I would recomend to you download and install this script:




    (if you want to pay the pro version of this script you will be able to change the features otherwise you will need keep reading)


    After install you will need choose the fields name, reference and categories and save a csv file with those.


    Now You need install:




    export all your products


    Now you need to open those 2 csv files 

    And look for the field features and replace all the final ":1" for ":0"


    "Feature (Name:Value:Position:Customized)"

    "Altura - Produto artesanal - Pode variar entre :Almofada Peq 28 e 32 cm. Almofada Grd 38 e 42 cm:1:1,Largura - Produto Artesanal - Pode variar entre:Almofada Peq 28 e 32 cm. Almofada Grd 38 e 42 cm:2:1,Peso - Produto Artesanal - Pode variar entre:Almofada Peq 280 e 320g Almofada Grd 580 e 620g:3:1,Tecidos:Veludo:4:1,Estilo:Jogos:5:1,Composição:Plumante 100% silicone:6:1,Lavável:Sim:7:1"


    See the red :1 for example above


    Now you can copy the feature field to the csv file you made with the script. (pay attencion not mix the products)


    Now you can save this final csv file and upload to your store again.


    If you upload only the features without the category field all your products will lose your default category and will become HOME.

    The export module is good but doesn't save the default category like script does.

  3. my opinion, the proper way is to send an email with link ask customer to validate the email address by clicking the link. :)


    so what type of 'basic email' validation would you like to implement? 


    you want the customer to have to type their email address twice?  other than sending an email, there is no way to actually validate that it is correct and existing.

    it should be both.

  4. In your BO go to location->translations


    find the last tab (copy tab)


    from: defaut-theme language polish

    to: ap_furniture language polish




    now go to advanced parameters->performance


    in the top right clear cache

    force compilation



    see if works


    after you can undo the force compilation

  5. Se o que vc quer é colocar um módulo que por definição não está habilitado para este hook dê uma olhada neste artigo:



    Se vc não sabe como alterar a posição dos módulos procure aqui no forum pelos tutoriais.


    Se vc quer alterar o símbolo do telefone pelo do whatsapp pode ver como aqui:



    E boa sorte!

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