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  1. Pro o que ele quer acho que seria interessante dar uma ollhada nesse script: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/185401-free-script-prestools-suite-mass-edit-order-edit-and-much-more/
  2. Versão do prestashop? https://www.querovendermais.com.br/shop/produtosfree Não esqueça que é preciso fazer um cadastro pra receber a chave.
  3. Não sei se vc leu todo o tópico em inglês. Não digo que precisa usar algum outro módulo pro facebook, mas aproveita que vc já alterou e retira o appid ou troca pelo seu próprio. Ah! e se vc pesquisar no site de desenvolvedores do facebook vc vai ver que tem algumas outras opções que vc pode acrescentar também.
  4. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/185401-free-script-prestools-suite-mass-edit-order-edit-and-much-more/ With this script you will be able to solve.
  5. Seus preços apareceram pra mim. O seu botão de adicionar ao carrinho é que aparece em alguns e outros não, mas isso é porque vc marcou essa opção no back office.
  6. Did you already create the features you want in Back Office? After that I would recomend to you download and install this script: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/185401-free-script-prestools-suite-mass-edit-order-edit-and-much-more/ (if you want to pay the pro version of this script you will be able to change the features otherwise you will need keep reading) After install you will need choose the fields name, reference and categories and save a csv file with those. Now You need install: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/37900-free-module-products-export-module-v253-updated-23032016/?hl=%2Bexport+%2Bmodule export all your products Now you need to open those 2 csv files And look for the field features and replace all the final ":1" for ":0" "Feature (Name:Value:Position:Customized)" "Altura - Produto artesanal - Pode variar entre :Almofada Peq 28 e 32 cm. Almofada Grd 38 e 42 cm:1:1,Largura - Produto Artesanal - Pode variar entre:Almofada Peq 28 e 32 cm. Almofada Grd 38 e 42 cm:2:1,Peso - Produto Artesanal - Pode variar entre:Almofada Peq 280 e 320g Almofada Grd 580 e 620g:3:1,Tecidos:Veludo:4:1,Estilo:Jogos:5:1,Composição:Plumante 100% silicone:6:1,Lavável:Sim:7:1" See the red :1 for example above Now you can copy the feature field to the csv file you made with the script. (pay attencion not mix the products) Now you can save this final csv file and upload to your store again. If you upload only the features without the category field all your products will lose your default category and will become HOME. The export module is good but doesn't save the default category like script does.
  7. Well, from what I know prestashop doesn't work fine with some combinations of apps. so, try a host running linux and apache PHP best use the 5.5 or 5.6 version. That is what i remenber now.
  8. You can also think about work with subcategories. like: if you sell dresses make subcategories short,long,night,day dresses
  9. Can you give us screenshot where is your permanent module? Do you just want to move it another place?
  10. I am using and csv import works fine here. categoris, products, combinations, etc... did you try install prestashop and use it other but localhost?
  11. It's working for me. Maybe you already had opt images. Try create a new product with some randon picture and see what happens. Glad to know I was able to help you.
  12. Ok! Try this one: scrolltriggeredboxes module
  13. I guess he can use the "html box module" or the "contentbox module" insert the widget code and hook it there.
  14. I've just downloaded the 1.6 version and tried install but Nothing happens. So I've looked the zip file and there is no smushit folder. I've just made my own and now it's all good but you might want replace the zip file. BTW: very good module.
  15. E vc não tem acesso a esse administrador? Pois somente logado como superadmin vc vai poder criar outro superadmin.
  16. try the "sliders everywhere" free module The hook you want I think is called topcolunm
  17. yes you can do it the same place you edit your product. Look here the forum for tutorials
  18. In your BO go to location->translations find the last tab (copy tab) from: defaut-theme language polish to: ap_furniture language polish save now go to advanced parameters->performance in the top right clear cache force compilation save see if works after you can undo the force compilation
  19. Look on free modules for google shopping flux and see if it works for you. Btw. There is 2 free modules that already come with your instalation: look in your BO on modules for "google" and you will see.
  20. look for carrosel There is other modules just to do this. But the one I told you does too. BtW. Mark the topic as solved.
  21. Se o que vc quer é colocar um módulo que por definição não está habilitado para este hook dê uma olhada neste artigo: https://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/prestashop-block-tags-in-footer.html Se vc não sabe como alterar a posição dos módulos procure aqui no forum pelos tutoriais. Se vc quer alterar o símbolo do telefone pelo do whatsapp pode ver como aqui: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/514938-colocar-imagem-do-whatsapp-no-fale-conosco-do-rodap%C3%A9/?do=findComment&comment=2282388 E boa sorte!
  22. Forget the default slider module and find here in free modules the module: "sliders everywhere" Then you will be able to make as sliders as you want and place it however you want. Plus, the default slider is not responsive also. The hook you want is the hometab.
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