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  1. I would like to display a message under the buy button that shows the number of customers who have viewed the product in the last hours. Is there a module for it?
  2. I figure to fix it disabling original mail alerts on Prestashop
  3. No, I couldn't fix it yet. At least, what I did it was to modify status of orders and disable to send mails to customers with that problem. But still appears "out of stock" status if they enter on his profile. Please, it will be appreciate if anybody could help us. Thanks!
  4. Hola Nadie! Hola! me estoy volviendo loco intentado encontrar el "Bloque de privacidad de datos del cliente" en Prestashop No hay forma, lo busco a través del buscador tal y como indicas y no lo encuentro. ¿Existe para 1.7? Mil gracias!!!!
  5. Hello! Since a few days ago, my Prestashop sends an email to the customer every time an order is placed of "Out of Stock" and marks the order as "pending order due to lack of stock". Obviously the products have the stock correctly placed. Does anyone know what may be happening? Work with PS Thank you!!! 335/5000 Sugerir un cambio
  6. ¡Hola! Desde hace unos días, mi Prestashop manda un correo al cliente cada vez que se realiza un pedido de "Fuera de stock" y marca el pedido como "Pedido pendiente por falta de stock". Obviamente los productos tienen el stock correctamente puesto. ¿Alguien sabe que puede estar sucediendo? Trabajo con PS ¡¡¡Mil gracias!!!
  7. Thanks! I made it work! But it doesn't update current price if I chose another combination.
  8. Wow! Great idea!!! I'm going to try it! Thanks!!
  9. Well, I think I fix the half of the problem. I included {include file="module:pricealert/views/templates/hook/pricealert.tpl"} on the tpl file which controls ADD TO CART button. Now it is showed but the problem is that it doesn't do anything, it diesn't appear any pop-up to set the alert.
  10. I guess it doesn't. How could I fix it? Thanks!!
  11. Hello!! I tried on PS 1.7 and it doesn't show me any button on product page. I'm not using Classic Prestashop theme. What I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your answer! It's really a pity it doesn't exist. I find it really useful
  13. Ok! Thanks for asking! are you planning to upgrade it to 1.7? Your module seems fantastic!
  14. Hello everybody! I would like to know if any of you knows about some kind of module thant allows to the costumer to set alerts and message him when a new product of their interest is added to the catalog or when a product is available again. I’m not talking about the tipycal module of alerts of “alert me when the product is available”, I would add some kind of functionality to allow to customers to set alerts by type of product or category, in order to message to the costumer that a product similar of his preferences is now on sale. If I’m not wrong, exist something similar in WordPress but I didn’t found it yet in PS. Hope you could help me! Thanks!
  15. Hello! Did you manage to fix it? Which is the .tpl file exactly? I couldn't find it in PS7 Thanks!
  16. Hello!! First of all, congrats for this amazing job! Is exactly what I was looking for! But, I work with Prestashop 1.7 and I couldn't make it work, nothing appears on product pages or product tabs. What I'm doing wrong? Thanks!!
  17. Sorry for the silly question but, where is cms.tpl in PS7??????? Thanks!!
  18. Well.. I answer myself. I include the script directly into the cms page and then, call it on the page and works.
  19. Many thanks!! I'm going to try right now. I was trying to run directly the script on the cms page following this tutorial. https://mypresta.eu/prestashop-17/extend-text-editor-in-new-presta.html Do you think will be better than old solution I did on PS 1.6?
  20. Hello everybody! I would love to use a PHP calculator called "Zigaform" on Prestahop 1.7. I used this tool before on 1.6 without any problem, I had only to include script on /root/themes/mytheme/cms.tpl specifying in which cms id I like to run it and then, calling it from my cms page. Really simple. Somethig like that: on cms.tpl file {if $cms->id==20} {literal} <script type="text/javascript"> var UIFORM_WWW = "https://xxxxxx.com/xxxxxx/index.php/""; var UIFORM_SRC = "https://xxxxxx.com/xxxxxx/i"; var _uifmvar = _uifmvar || {}; _uifmvar.fm_ids = _uifmvar.fm_ids || []; _uifmvar.fm_ids.push(['11']); (function(){var uiform = document.createElement('script'); uiform.type = 'text/javascript'; uiform.async = true; uiform.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? UIFORM_SRC : UIFORM_SRC) + 'assets/frontend/js/init.js'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(uiform, s);})();</script> {/literal} {/if} and on cms page (id=20) <div id="uifm_container_11" class="uiform-wrap"> Now, in 1.7 file structure has changed and I don't know which .tpl file is the one I have to use to include my script. Could you please help me to make it run in PS 1.7? Many thanks!!
  21. What we are looking for is a module that allows the user receive an email every time we register a new product in Prestashop. Ideally, the client can choose which category he wants to receive the alerts or a price slider, so he will receive products that he chooses to receive and not fill it with spam. It is something that exists in WordPress but in Prestashop we can not find anywhere. Thank you!
  22. Hi!! I'm searching for a module which allows to our costumers to subscribe an email alert when a new product os added to the site. I don't need the typical out of stock notification, I need something that allows to select the category of products or a price slider selector and be notified by email if a new product is added to the store. Any ideas? Many thanks!!
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