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  1. ok i figured out what i was doing wrong...i forgot to add button_order_cart code so now my new code is this: {l s='Checkout' mod='blockcart'} thanks for your help
  2. thank you for your help=), the instructions you provided did exactly what i was requesting...i have one slight problem, the cart/checkout doesn't have the big green button..the button disappeared and i don't understand were i went wrong.. here is my new code {l s='Cart/Checkout' mod='blockcart'}
  3. Hello PmJoe...thank you for the quick response...and yes I would love for you to post detailed instructions how to make those changes. once again thank you=)
  4. To make things more convenient for my customers, i would like to make some changes to the order process. Currently after the customer adds a product to the cart it automatically goes to the login and bypass the summary page. The process goes in this order after the customer adds to cart .....Login=>Address=>Shipping=>Payment>...Therefore customers skip the summary page and forces them to go back and click on the summary page manually.. How can I make changes, so after my customers add to cart it can go directly to the Summary=>Login=>Address=>Shipping=>Payment thanks for your help
  5. hey phuah...i also want to move the summary page after the login...i noticed that you figured out how to do it, did you use rocky method or did you find a different way to do it?? if so can you tell me how you did it..thank you
  6. is it possible to add a small thumbnail to the subcategory product images like the sample
  7. My website is almost ready to be launched, I just have one issue that needs to be fixed...I can't figure out how to align the product customization text field, the way it is right now doesn't look professional. Can someone please help me with this issue...thank you=)
  8. I copied exactly what yours looks like and it works perfectly...thank you sooooo much:)
  9. I'm not quite sure what you need me to do, so I uploaded my file in the link you provided..Please forgive me, I am a bit slow at this technical stuff
  10. I updated my carrier information but the carrier default option is not functioning... thank you for the help
  11. what i am doing wrong??? i put the code at the bottom of global.css and it still doesn't work...can you please help p#customizedDatas {margin: auto; padding-left:170px; padding-top: 5px;} #text_fields {text-align: right; padding-right:250px;}
  12. I forgot to mention that I have put in all the carrier information SHIPPING=CARRIER...but the dropdown box still doesn't appear
  13. Hey Rocky...I am having the same problem, I think it's because the carrier dropdown box is not showing. Can you please tell me how I can fix this..I can't move forward with out this issue being resolved. thank you
  14. can you be specific which folder you put that code at..script php?? is unknown...thank you
  15. I am currently using the product customization text field, I would like to move the "add in cart" button under the customization text field..
  16. Remove this line in Product.tpl Its located toward the bottom, under customizable products <input type="button" class="button" value="{l s='Save'}">
  17. Can someone please tell me where and how I can change the format of the photo uploading area(product customization). and align the text and bullets. The photo area needs to come down, its overlapping.
  18. I've noticed you figured it out...please tell how you aligned the product customization area.
  19. how can i change the border on product images....i want to remove borders or change color. can u help please
  20. hello i was wondering if you could help me out. i downloaded the latest jquerylightbox plugin but it is not showing any changes on my website..www.halocards.com Could you please help out with this matter. (product image located under animal themes) thank you reviseproductptl.txt
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