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  1. Hi What do I get in the download?
  2. Cant seem to get this to work. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Yes the time and date go where the gift wrap message is on the details of the actual order. I'm just tidying up everything and then you can have the code. I had to buy the calendar script for $29 but it stopped all the js issues. It's not too bad to insert. I'll send you a pm when I'm done. Probably next cuple of days as [spam-filter] is giving me earache for being on the comp too long.
  4. At last I have a working time and date picker!!!! :-) No Javascript errors!!! :-) Just got to learn how to set the calendar up now so only specific times and days can be used. And also get the css and images changed to fit in with the look of the siite. If you want to have a look go to http://www.centrefillings.co.uk/online_store/category.php?id_category=5 add an item to the cart and then go through the registration process. You will see the date and time picker in the delivery section. As I've said before I've used the gift wrap function to record the time and date details onto the database. It would be nice if I could get the time and date to show on invoices and delivery notes but that is for the future.
  5. moca Add a product to the cart and then go through the checkout procedure where you need to register. You should see the date picker on the shipping page which I've renamed as delivery. Complete an order an you will see the date details are in th order history .
  6. Well I've finally got something that resembles a working system for selecting time and date of delivery. I've put the script on the carrier section of order.php. It uses the setup for gift wrapping and text for a gift label. There are still some javascript fault issues diplayed on the page but none seem to effect the main workings of the shop. Have a go and see what you think. http://www.centrefillings.co.uk/online_store/category.php?id_category=5
  7. Star Many thanks Would you like me to post the script I am using for the datepicker? It does mention tree and ajax in the behaviours.js var rules = { // Rich Text Editors 'textarea.richtext': function(elt) { new Control.RTE(elt, '/js/controls/rte/images', { fileLister: listUserFiles }); }, 'input.datepicker': function(elt) { new Control.DatePicker(elt, { icon: 'calendar.png' }); }, 'input.timepicker': function(elt) { new Control.DatePicker(elt, { icon: 'clock.png', datePicker: false, timePicker: true }); }, 'input.datetimepicker': function(elt) { new Control.DatePicker(elt, { icon: 'calendar.png', timePicker: true, timePickerAdjacent: true, use24hrs: true }); }, 'input.datetimepicker_es': function(elt) { new Control.DatePicker(elt, { icon: 'calendar.png', locale:'es_AR', timePicker: true }); }, 'input.colorpicker': function(elt) { new Control.ColorPicker(elt); }, 'input.filechooser': function(elt) { new Control.FileChooser(elt, listUserFiles, { icon: '/js/controls/filechooser/filechooser.png', parentImage: '/js/controls/filechooser/parent.gif', fileImage: '/js/controls/filechooser/file.gif', directoryImage: '/js/controls/filechooser/directory.gif' }); }, '.rating_bar': function(elt) { var code = elt.id.replace(/rating_/, ''); new Control.RatingBar(elt, { starClass: 'rating_star', onClass: 'rating_on', hoverClass: 'rating_hover', halfClass: 'rating_half', onclick: rateItem(code) }); }, '.tabcontrol': function(elt) { new Control.TabStrip(elt, { activeClass: 'active', hoverClass: 'hover', disabledClass: 'disabled', disabled: null }); }, '.treeselect': function(elt) { new TreeSelect(elt); }, '#livegrid': function(elt) { new Control.LiveGrid(elt, 10, 100, getData, { prefetchBuffer: 'active', selectable: true, rowIdPrefix: 'result_', onrowopen: openRows, onrowselect: selectRows, onscroll: scrollRows, sortHeader: 'livegrid_header', sortField: 'name', sortDir: 'asc', sortAscendImg: '/js/controls/livegrid/sort_asc.png', sortDescendImg: '/js/controls/livegrid/sort_desc.png', imageWidth: 9, imageHeight: 9 }); }, '.treelist': function (elt) { new Control.TreeList(elt, { topOffset: 5, collapseIcon: '/js/controls/treelist/down_arrow_outline.gif', collapseIconHover: '/js/controls/treelist/down_arrow_filled.gif', expandIcon: '/js/controls/treelist/right_arrow_outline.gif', expandIconHover: '/js/controls/treelist/right_arrow_filled.gif' }); } }; Behaviour.register(rules); function listUserFiles(directory, callback) { new Ajax.Request('/software/js/fileaccess.php', { parameters: 'a=listdir&d;=' + (directory || ''), onComplete: function(transport) { try { callback(eval('(' + transport.responseText + ')')); } catch(e) { callback({status:'error'}); } } }); } function getData(offset, limit, sortField, sortDir, callback) { new Ajax.Request('/software/js/getData.php', { parameters: { 'offset': offset, 'limit': limit, 'sort': sortField, 'dir': sortDir }, onComplete: function(transport) { try { callback(eval('(' + transport.responseText + ')')); } catch (e) { alert(e.message); } } }); } function selectRows(e, selector) { var selected = selector.selectedRows(); var desc = selected.length ? selected.join(', ') : 'None'; $('livegrid_selected_label')[removed] = 'Selected rows: ' + desc; } function openRows(e, selector) { alert('Open row event: ' + selector.selectedRows().join(', ')); } function scrollRows(start, count, total) { $('livegrid_label')[removed] = 'Viewing '+(start+1)+' to '+(start+count)+' of '+total+' results'; } function rateItem(code) { return function(ratingbar) { var rating = ratingbar.rating; ratingbar.setLoading(true); new Ajax.Request('/ratings/rate.php', { parameters: {'m': 'rpc', 'r': rating, 'c': code}, onSuccess: function(transport) { ratingbar.setLoading(false); try { var response = eval('(' + transport.responseText + ')'); ratingbar.rating = response.rating; ratingbar.resetRating(); $('rating_'+code+'_average')[removed] = response.rating; $('rating_'+code+'_votes')[removed] = response.votes; } catch(e) { alert(e.message); } }, onFailure: function(transport) { ratingbar.setLoading(false); ratingbar.resetRating(); } }); } }
  8. Star This is what I get Webpage error details User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/4.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; InfoPath.2; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; OfficeLiveConnector.1.4; OfficeLivePatch.0.0; .NET CLR 3.0.30729) Timestamp: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 18:59:10 UTC Message: Object doesn't support this property or method Line: 539 Char: 1 Code: 0 URI: http://www.centrefillings.co.uk/online_store/modules/blockcart/ajax-cart.js Message: Object doesn't support this property or method Line: 401 Char: 4 Code: 0 URI: http://www.centrefillings.co.uk/online_store/order.php?step=1 Message: 'null' is null or not an object Line: 29 Char: 2 Code: 0 URI: http://www.centrefillings.co.uk/online_store/themes/centrefillings/js/tools/treeManagement.js
  9. Hi I've had a good search of the forum and can't seem to find an answer to my problem. I have inserted a pop up calendar on the order.php (step 1) so that customers can select a delivery time and date. I have inseretd in header.tpl the links to the javascript documents. The pop up works well but other bits do not now work on the page. IE is also showing a number of errors linked to javascript. Is there a special way I need to set out the links in the header.tpl or is it a case the javascript will always cause issues.
  10. moca I've been trying to get a delivery time and date sorted for some time but no one seems to want to help. I've had success getting a date and time picker onto the address confirmation page which is step one of the order process. The time and date then go in the free text box that was already on the page. Go to Centre Fillings Online Store to order something and you will see the issue Problem is the date picker needs to call on some javascript for it to work and this appears to be upsetting the rest of the javascript on the page. Does anyone one have any idea how I can call on the javascript. I've had it in the header.tpl and moved it round but I still get the same page faults. Please can someone help???????????????????????
  11. I seem to have a javascript error. I have placed the javascript links in the .tpl file. Do I need to put them somewhere else?
  12. I now have a dater and time picker on order.php step1 where the comments box used to be. This can be seen at www.centrefillings.co.uk/online_store The problem is I have lost the addresses which I think is down to a div id issue as the date picker has its own which I think is interfering with the page div id. The date picker is this bit {l s='Please enter Time and Date delivery is required..'} <input class="datetimepicker_es" name="message" /></p> I'll post the order-address.tpl in the next post. Can anyone see where I am going wrong?
  13. Right I need this now some I'm going to try and do something myself. Can anyone suggest a time and date picker component that matches the style of prestashop so it does not look out of place.
  14. Still no takers. Looks like I'll have to work into the early hours for the next year to try and sort it! :down:
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