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  1. Thanks MILBUC, Your English is perfect! I think i've worked out a better way of doing this.... Definitely works for the Apparel theme using 1.7. Navigate to and open "themes\*your theme*\modules\ps_featuredproducts\views\templates\hook\ps_featuredproducts.tpl". On this page you will see the <H2></H2> tags. Change these to the <H1></H1>. So, find <h2> <span>{l s='Special Products' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</span> </h2> And change this to the below... <h1> <span>{l s='Your H1 Text Here' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</span> </h1> Clear the cache and then view your home page. This should now be showing as the H1 heading. To add style to this, give this a unquie class and then add your required style in the Css file. <h1 class="home_h1"> <span>{l s='Your H1 Text Here' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</span> </h1> I hope this helps others out. Ian
  2. Thanks All. I'm not sure that using a module to achieve this is the best approach but i'll give the ps_customtext module a blast and see how I get on. Ian
  3. Thanks SmartDataSoft, I'm using 1.7 with the Apparel theme. As well as trying to change this, i'm trying to keep everything SEO freiendly. If I was to move the current H2 wording, that would leave an empty H2 tag I assume? I want to change this from the current H2 to the H1 instead of doing this through a module. I understand that i would then need to add a css class to resize this H1 tag. This shouldnt be that hard to do but i just cant see which file i need to alter? Any pointers would be very helpful. Ian
  4. Hi There, Is there a reason why there is no 'H1' tag on the home/index page? I would have thought this would have been added for SEO purposes but seeing how this has not been, i'm wondering if the H1 tag has been missed on purpose? I've removed the top carousel/banners from my home page and changed the translation of "ShopThemeCatalog - 1 expression" or "Special Products" as my theme calls it (see attached image) to a main heading and I would like this to be the 'H1' tag. 1st of all. Is this wise to do? If prestashop have not done this as default, am i causing SEO issues by doing this? 2nd, How to I do this? I cant see which template I need to edit to achiveve this. 3rd, is this simply a matter of finding this <h2></h2> header and changing it to <h1></h1> in the template file? Any advise would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks Leo but when i do that the <div class="header-top"> height reduces to 0px and my logo is left floating over the horizontal menu. Is there any way of forcing a fixed height to this or maybe padding the div? I've tried adding height :300px; to the .header-top class in custom.css but this has no effect.
  6. I need a little more help whilst i'm setting up my shop please. I have moved the search bar to the very top of the page but the original search bar remains in the header and is blocking my logo. How do remove the search bar in the header? see the attached image. Ian
  7. Thanks for your help musicmaster. I did finally suss this in the end.... You HAVE to add all combinations in 'one shot'. I was adding my enclosure type and then adding my power supply type and generating each time. This does not work and gives the effect as i have detailed above on the front store. If you select all required options and then hit generate it works.
  8. Thanks musicmaker but there are attributes in the power supply group. If i delete the 1st group (enclosure) then the power supply group shows and works as it should. I cant add any more than one group ;-( I'm losing the will to live with this now.
  9. So, I've deleted my original installation and reinstalled. I've not added any additonal themes or altered any settings but the combinations are exactly the same on the new install with the default theme??? The theme is showing in 2 columns as shown in the picture. Is this correct?
  10. Thanks musicmater, It looks like i have the 2 combinations but only the values for one. Array([1] => Array([group_name] => Enclosure[name] => Enclosure[group_type] => select[default] => 1[attributes] => Array([1] => Array([name] => Slim Enclosure[html_color_code] => [texture] => [selected] => 1)[2] => Array([name] => Deep Enclosure[html_color_code] => [texture] => [selected] => ))[attributes_quantity] => Array([1] => 10[2] => 10))[2] => Array([group_name] => CC Power Supply[name] => Power Supply[group_type] => select[default] => -1[attributes] => Array()[attributes_quantity] => Array())) I's going to waste too much time with this and might just delete and re-install prestashop.
  11. Right, I need to sort this so i've been trying to work out how prestashop is coded. The section which show the combindations in the product page is; <div class="product-variants"> {foreach from=$groups key=id_attribute_group item=group} {if !empty($group.attributes)} <div class="clearfix product-variants-item"> <span class="control-label">{$group.name}</span> {if $group.group_type == 'select'} <select class="form-control form-control-select" id="group_{$id_attribute_group}" data-product-attribute="{$id_attribute_group}" name="group[{$id_attribute_group}]"> {foreach from=$group.attributes key=id_attribute item=group_attribute} <option value="{$id_attribute}" title="{$group_attribute.name}"{if $group_attribute.selected} selected="selected"{/if}>{$group_attribute.name}</option> {/foreach} </select> {$id_attribute_group} {elseif $group.group_type == 'color'} <ul id="group_{$id_attribute_group}"> {foreach from=$group.attributes key=id_attribute item=group_attribute} <li class="float-xs-left input-container"> <label> <input class="input-color" type="radio" data-product-attribute="{$id_attribute_group}" name="group[{$id_attribute_group}]" value="{$id_attribute}"{if $group_attribute.selected} checked="checked"{/if}> <span {if $group_attribute.html_color_code}class="color" style="background-color: {$group_attribute.html_color_code}" {/if} {if $group_attribute.texture}class="color texture" style="background-image: url({$group_attribute.texture})" {/if} ><span class="sr-only">{$group_attribute.name}</span></span> </label> </li> {/foreach} </ul> {elseif $group.group_type == 'radio'} <ul id="group_{$id_attribute_group}"> {foreach from=$group.attributes key=id_attribute item=group_attribute} <li class="input-container float-xs-left"> <label> <input class="input-radio" type="radio" data-product-attribute="{$id_attribute_group}" name="group[{$id_attribute_group}]" value="{$id_attribute}"{if $group_attribute.selected} checked="checked"{/if}> <span class="radio-label">{$group_attribute.name}</span> </label> </li> {/foreach} </ul> {/if} </div> {/if} {/foreach} </div> I've added {$id_attribute_group} after the </select> for the {if $group.group_type == 'select'} within the foreach loop. I should be seeing two id's here. id[1] and id[5] but i am only seeing id[1] so this to me is saying that there is only one key here and not the 2 keys as i am expecting? Am i right in thinking this? Any help would be appreciated. Ian
  12. I'm really struggling with this! When i add a combination then this shows as it should on the product page. However, if i then add a second combination then this does not show and only the 1st combination is displayed. No matter what i do, i cant display the 2nd combination and deleting the 1st combo will then show the 2nd but not both together. I hope that makes sense? Is this something i'm doing wrong? I originally thought this was due to a template issue (im using the ps_apparel theme) but the default theme is doing the same and not showing the 2nd combo. Also, I can see the 1st combo group in the page source but not the 2nd combo group. Can anybody cast any light on this for me? Ian
  13. Right, i've been playing around with this and have created a function on the media.php file to copy the .css & .js files into the subdomain folder if these files do not already exist. Doing this seems to be working well and has massively improved page load speeds, pagespeed score (90%) and Yslow score (97%) on GTmatrix. Other than the slightly slower server response if these files need to be copied and the future update issues, does anybody see any problems with taking this approach?
  14. PrestaShop version Current theme in use default-bootstrap I've downloaded Prestashop to try and all looks good but i cant get the cdn working... For testing purposes, I have a subdomain which i have routed via 1and1's cdn (which uses cloudflare). I have uploaded all images, products & the default theme into this subdomain and pointed the prestashop media servers to this subdomain. As i have ftp'd / uploaded my theme and the default product images into this sub domain, they show as expected at CDN.mysite.co.uk My problem is that prestashop seems to create a cached copy of css and js files and saves them into the 'themes/default-bootstrap/cache/' folder and not into the subdomain. On page load, the browser is pointing to 'CDN.website/themes/default-bootstrap/cache/' but these files do not exist in the subdomain and thus, no style sheets or javascript are loaded. How do i get prestashop to save these files into the subdomain???
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