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  1. should this 2checkout module>> http://addons.prestashop.com/en/payments-gateways/1248-2-checkout.html&adforum;that u have to pay for at addons.prestashop.com work? im desperate for a solution...someone please help.... k...i just realised that it's way too expensive...so is there any way for me to fix the current problem without having to purchase this?
  2. But i can't I just purchased a module specifically for this version... there is NOTHING I can do about it? There's no way to fix it?
  3. i got thru with it...thanks for the offer to help though ...this forum is really helpful
  4. On my store the shipping options are either to have the order delivered by courier service or to pick up at our office. However, we have different payment methods for each option but Prestashop doesn't seem to allow you to choose different payment options for each delivery method. For the courier option I want to have either 2checkout credit card payment or bank deposit payment and for the picking up at our store option I wanted to have payment by cash on pick up. I know there was a solution to this problem before because I used it in the older version of my store before I updated it and I got the solution through this forum but now I cant find it no matter how hard I look...i know it solved the problem and allowed you to choose different payment methods for each shipping method....could someone please help?? I really want to get my site back up and running. The version of prestashop that i have now is 1.3.1 (i had version 1.1 before i think :S)
  5. I downloaded your 2checkout module...but it's still not working... the same problem is happening and the product information is appearing at the execution stage of the check out before you are transferred to the 2checkout site... check out the screenshot ...wat should i do? wat could the problem be?
  6. Hi, I just updated by shop to 1.3.1 ...(know..it's an old version but I did it in order to get a theme that I liked). The currencies I use on the website are the US dollar and the TT dollar (Trinidad and Tobago dollar). The only one that 2checkout.com accepts is US. The problem is that when I have the currency set at the TT dollar on the website and I try to check out...when the website is transferred to the 2checkout website the TT amount is not converted to the US dollar...it just has the same amount with the US dollar symbol next to it (so for example if it's $30TT in the store, instead of converting to the US amount it says $30US). This did not happen before when I had the older presta shop version..PLEASE HELP. (I have the currencies authorised for 2checkout payment as the US dollar alone in the back office).
  7. Hi, can someone explain to me how I could delete the database I currently have for my shop on phpMyAdmin and import the old version of it. Please help me because my site is down right now because I can't figure out this problem. Thanks so much. -Cari.
  8. i jus added flash to my online store at www.stellaravenue.com ...but for some reason the link in the flash image doesn't work. now the link works if u open the flash movie on its own at http://www.stellaravenue.com/homepage.swf ...but for some reason wen its on the homepage it refuses to work. can anyone explain to me why this is happening?...i believe it has somethin to do with the prestashop program itself....thanks so much for any help, comments or ideas. thanks.
  9. Hi, I've signed up for a 2checkout.com account...and I have been able to activate it on my website. But...my website is based in Trinidad and Tobago and its in the TT dollar currency. When I was using the Paypal module it would automatically convert the TT dollars to US dollars on checkout. BUT I had to change from Paypal because of some issues. And now...for some reason when I'm using the 2checkout module, it's not converting the TT dollar to US dollars ...this is a BIG PROBLEM for me. Why is this happening? Does this have to do with the 2checkout payment module or is this a problem with 2checkout.com itself? Please HELP
  10. Hi, My store does not need to have a zip code required in its form but I'm having problems removing it, I don't really understand what to do. I know which files to manipulate to edit the form...but I can't remove the zip code field from the registration form without running into problems. When I remove the zip code field and submit the form (as a test) it says "Error: Zip code required." Can anyone help me to rectify this problem?? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks so much.
  11. Yea I did...all these problems happen when the SSL certificate is enabled....
  12. Hi, I had an SSL certificate installed on my site...but when I enable it in the back office I run into problems. When a user signs into their account on my site instead of having a lock on the bottom of the browser there's a lock with an exclaimation mark which means the page contains unauthenticated content...when I asked the company that provided the SSL certificate what the problem was they said that items on the page such as images have http in its source rather than https...and wen i checked my webpages this was true. So how do I fixed this problem? How come prestashop doesnt change all the links and sources to HTTPS? My website is located at www.stellaravenue.com ....if u type in https://www.stellaravenue.com and browse through the site you'll quickly see the problem...pop ups come up talking about problems with the security of the pages... PLEASE HELP...any help will be appreciated... -Thanks so much....
  13. Hey, I know how to disable my shop...but when I do disable it I would like my own custom made webpage to come up rather than the "maintenance" page that appears....is there a way for me to put my own page?...Any help wud b deeply appreciated.. Thanks so much guys
  14. Thanks ...is there a way to change the expiry date to 3 months generally?...without having to go and change the date of each voucher?
  15. Just wanted to know how do you change the expiry date for vouchers?...I would like to make it less that a year. Thanks in advance for any help.
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