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  1. ok ... first about the language try this: yourwebsite.com/presta1-3/index.php?id_lang=1 yourwebsite.com/presta1-3/index.php?id_lang=2 etc etc... and about the Creating the account problem i think it's because you uploaded the database without the config folder ... because the cookie key, so try to change it again to the old one Example: define('_COOKIE_KEY_', 'mfdgwsrggfgbdtyu5674563456468utyjdghjghkfy3523wrtehfdjkv'); i hope it work with you man :-) Greetings from Egypt
  2. ok right now i upgraded to and everything working very well so i'll try to upgrade to
  3. it's exist ... i'd never forget something like that! right now i'm trying to upgrade to and then i'll try to upgrade to the thank you :-)
  4. hello i'm facing error while i'm upgrading from to it say's Error! One or more errors have occurred The config/settings.inc.php file was not found. The file may have been deleted or renamed. anyone got info about it ?
  5. can you type this words again but in the english ??
  6. thank you Matthieu for your fast reply i'll start from now in the translate then .... i'll send it for you Regard Dado
  7. hello well at first i like your great script too much and i want to know .... how i can translate it to the arabic files which files should to translate and what about the the sql file ?? and thank you soo much Dado
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