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  1. I tried rocky's suggestion without deleting the blocktopmenu files. Just delete the duplicate $id_shop parameter works well.
  2. Hi All, What credit card payment module that works for indonesian prestashop store? Thank you! Cheers!
  3. Hi ndiaga, Thanks for the answer. I will try to look on adding new PDO. I know this will be a lot of changes since customer records must be sync also with other tables like the orders.
  4. Hi All, Does anyone here knows or tried to share customer table only to another prestashop application? Note: 1. The 2 prestashop application is established on the same server, the other prestashop application is up in a subdomain. 2. Not multishop setup Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi ptrbrn, Have you tried changing the file permission of the files? or you can ask your hosting provider to do that for you.
  6. Hi All, I just want to share that I encountered this issue when I am embedding a youtube video and as per checking in console I see errors on loading the components of my embed. When I remove the youtube embed it works well. Initially i tried the fix below but nothing happened: 1. Raise my memory limit to 256MB 2. Raise my maximum execution time to 60
  7. Limit Product Uploads

    Hi NemoPS, Yes, that's correct.
  8. Limit Product Uploads

    Sorry Guys for the incomplete info. My PS version is I want to limit the product count that can be uploaded inside PS. For example i want to limit just 50 products that can be uploaded, so more than 50 products PS will not allow you to add more.
  9. Hi Wasimk716, I tried now to immitate what you do as per my checking the value of test is not saving on DB. You can try to check on your end if we have the same, select the additional condition you put which is "test" if it will go save on DB Thanks!
  10. Limit Product Uploads

    Hi All, Can I know how can I limit the product uploads in my prestashop? I tried to search in forums but cannot find one for this question. Cheers!
  11. Hi Wasimk, Maybe just check the product.tpl and product.php trace there on how the code gets the value for product condition.
  12. Restrict product access to certain groups

    Hi Kelvs, What did you do in your solution? I'm trying to figure out how to do it in ProductController. Thanks!
  13. Hi Genweb, thanks for commenting. However I stop figuring out how to do that this is my solution: What I did instead of using the module I just copy the script generated by GA and I paste it on my html widget (this widget is placed all throughout my front office ), and it works fine now. Thanks!
  14. Hi All, I installed google analytics module but it don't track any data, as per inspecting it it shows that there is uncaught error that ga is not defined. What's the solution for this? PS version: GA version: 2.3.4 Thanks!
  15. Hi tarmogr, I'm using but no luck of having that auto update I just put an update button to do that.