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  1. The code I'm after can't be inline code though, because it's applied to the whole menu, regardless of which page it's linking to.
  2. Hi, I have a menu category block which I need to change the CSS of, and I can find the CSS stylesheet for this module, but according to Chrome's inspect element, the menu elements (ul, li, etc) have CSS on the category page itself. The screenshot below shows one bit of CSS on 'style.css' (which I can find), and the rest are on '210-harley davidson etc.' which is just the page the menu links to. Where is this CSS actually hiding?
  3. Nope, nobody offered help (other than people who wanted to charge - which wasn't worth spending lots of money for a £30 module), and it was never resolved. Contacted PS themselves and after tons of useless replies as usual, finally got a refund.
  4. Anybody? Any advice at all, other than the obvious "Don't use Prestashop"?
  5. I've installed 'Categories Block left Img' which shows the thumbnail image of the category next to the category name. Well, that is what it should do! It instead shows the main image for the category, not the thumbnail. The devloper has stopped replying, so is probably dead. On my site, (http://www.snobscustoms.com/3-clothing-accessories) in the back office I have uploaded for the first category - "clothing" a large grey title image saying 'clothing', and the thumbnail is a t-shirt. In the folder "public_html/img/c/" it has the following files for each category number (#)... #.jpg > original full size category image (that I uploaded in backoffice) #-category_default.jpg > auto-generated original full size category image with white border #-medium_default.jpg > auto-generated smaller size category image #-0_thumb.jpg > thumbnail image (that I uploaded in backoffice) The module on the site shows an image "3-medium_default.jpg" rather than "3-0_thumb.jpg" which it should show. So this means I end up with mini versions of the grey title image, rather than a picture of a t-shirt. By the way, I have replaced the default "no image" file with a circle, which appears on every other category at the moment. I've scoured the code in all the php and css files for the module but cannot find where it references the image - my expertise is not in javascript or php though. The only reference I can find of the class that the img is under, is '.nav-img', but this just sets the height and width, etc, but not the source of the image. Can anybody help me locate where this file is specified and change it show the thumbnail in the menu? I was expecting to find something, somewhere which would say, in lamens terms: "use this category id + '0_thumb.jpg' " I hope so! thank you.
  6. Bit late, but this is sorted now, using your tutorial. Thank you NemoPS!
  7. So, Antoine who is apparently from 'customer support' or something has stopped responding, but doesn't really matter, he just asked me to do the same thing I had done several times before; didn't solve anything.
  8. We've been waiting about 6 months for a reply. Antoine sent me a link to use saying "this is the correct one" - but it was the same link we used before! He also said that our queries were being sent to the US team rather than the UK team and that was why we didnt get a reply. What kind of shoddy company is this? We're going to have to get Trading Standards involved as they steal your money.
  9. Yep, so any way of doing it for the top menu, that you know of?
  10. Yep, an individual is always a risk, but PrestaShop as a company should respond to their customers. We will be finding any review sites and letting other people know what poor service they will receive from PrestShop themselves.
  11. I have simply been advised to do exactly as i did before - For the module issue, use the form, which got us nowhere, no replies. And secondly for the technical problems with Prestashop itself, he sent me this link; https://www.prestashop.com/en/support, which is where you pay for it. So basically Prestashop offer a problem-prone product, and if you want it to work properly, you need to pay them to fix it. Terrible.
  12. I'm sure I tried that before, but the prestashop login (/admin1234) link isnt working at the moment... Will try again soon...
  13. Hi, is there any way to limit the top horizontal menu to the first 1 or two category levels? We have about 20 of those, but at the moment as standard it shows the 3rd level too, which is about 200 categories and therefore fills the screen! Thanks
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