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  1. Hello, Hi, I think I need to add a folder in your language - bonorder \ mails \ az \
  2. Thanks! Most likely he has a long name Rename the picture
  3. Hello, Yes, I see that with your theme the module is incompatible I will try to fix and update the module
  4. El módulo funciona correctamente y no habrá ningún problema Demo
  5. This pack module the fastest way to attract your customers via online chat. This is easy way to support and keep contact with your customers Benefits for Merchants Facebook Messenger : Facebook Messenger is a great way to keep in touch, gather information and increase your sales on desktop, or any mobile device. A customer sends you a message via the widget in your store, which becomes a conversation starter that might even lead to a sale over the Messenger. Benefits for Merchants WhatsApp : An online chat system provides visitors, readers, customers immediate access to help. Wait times are often much less than a call center, and visitors, readers, customers can easily multi-task while waiting. One button and a conversation with you will open automatically. Let all your customers contact you immediately and stop losing potential leads ! Concept about a WhatsApp contact button for websites that can be used as an alternative way of communication. Instead of calling a phone, email or SMS, just send a WhatsApp message. Benefits for Merchants Online Chat Zendesk: Track the chats you have with customers and turn them into actionable insights to improve performance. This module allow businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable. They help improve communication and make sense of massive amounts of data. Above all, they work together to help turn interactions into lasting relationships. Demo Buy module
  6. Hello, The module is set to this position by default - hookDisplayHome If you need to replace your slider you need to move to the hookdisplayTop position. Also in the module there is a hook - hookdisplayCustomSlick If you add this code to the theme file, it will be displayed in this place {hook h='displayCustomSlick'}
  7. Google Avis clients est un module qui vous permet de recueillir les commentaires des utilisateurs ayant effectué un achat sur votre site. Les évaluations de Google Avis clients s'appliquent à l'éligibilité de vos évaluations de vendeur. Bénéficiez de la certification Google pour renforcer votre crédibilité en tant qu'entreprise et gagner ainsi la confiance des acheteurs en ligne. En conséquence, vous serez en mesure de transformer les prospects en clients et d'augmenter considérablement vos ventes. De plus, présentez vos points forts grâce à des commentaires transparents et authentiques pour augmenter le trafic vers votre magasin et ainsi augmenter vos taux de conversion et de clics. Voir Module: Demo:
  8. Google Customer Reviews Problem

    I wrote such a module Module
  9. A simple and easy way to add custom Google fonts to theme without coding. It’s compatible with any theme. Ability to select any available Google web font in the theme administration pages, and have those fonts displayed in your theme. One way to dramatically improve the design and professionalism of your website is to use great fonts. You can easily choose one font for headings and another for your content. You can add Google fonts for specific elements like Headings (H1, H2…H6), Paragraphs (p) links (a), etc on your site. Super easy install and customize. Simple and friendly user interface. Select Google fonts for front office. Select Google fonts for headings (H1, H2…H6). Select Google fonts for paragraphs (p). Select Google fonts for links (p). Select Google fonts for administration pages. Compatible with all web browsers. Multi-language and multi-store ready. Support and well documented. Demo Buy module