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  1. reiktų pažiūrėti kaip robots.txt atrodo. O google webmaster tool užsiregistravęs? Ten galima matyti ką google mato ir ko ne.
  2. Hello, I'd like to offer to increase your online shop visitors and sales with Google AdWords advertising. My servises: - google search network; - google display network; - remarketing. I have two years experience in this area and I'm individually certificated. If you are interested, please, contact me by PM. Thank You
  3. Sveiki, siūlau Jums padidinti savo e-parduotuvės lankytojų ir pirkėjų skaičių Google AdWords reklamos pagalba. Teikiu šias paslaugas: - reklama google paieškos tinkle; - reklama google vaizdo tinkle; - remarketingas. Šioje srityje turiu 2-jų metų patirtį ir turiu adwords sertifikatą. Naujiems reklamuotojams suteikiu 300 Lt reklamos kuponą. Kviečiu kreiptis PM arba [email protected] www.goonline.lt
  4. Does anybody have solution for this already? I want to insert remarketing code to contact page and to one category. Thanks
  5. great module! Just want to know how could I put it below long produt description or how to reduce gap betwean comments and long description? Thanks
  6. Hi, please give me this problem solution with prestashop v. Thank You
  7. Hello, when I try to regenerate thumbnails I got "504 - Gateway time-out" error prestashop version Shop has 2000 images. I need to make modification AdminImages.php that I could regenerate not all images in one time but by 100 or 200. If you could do this, please PM me your price Thank You
  8. I see some improvments here: lingerie - #78 sexy lingerie - #48 small steps, but your are going up
  9. you have keep in mind that best conversion brings products pages, so you should focus on them, but to have good optimized product page need to be optimized home and category page.
  10. Hi, I see that your site with keyword "lingerie" in position 93 (I use rank tracker tool) I see that you didin't make these suggestions: 4. Make some internal link with the keyword in anchor tex: suggestion: add link to your products category at the home page "Welcome to view our large range of sexy lingerie and bodystocking at Love Station lingerie online shop" 5. Change shop logo alt tag sugestion: Australian Sexy lingerie specialist Update: try make "Lingerie specialist" That should help and build some backlinks, your niche is quite competetive, so you need them Good luck!
  11. Hello, I see you are talking about my problem, Please, help me with prestashop version Merci
  12. does anybody knows how to restore images after tumbails regeneration with presta Help please!
  13. in version 1.4 you can easy do this by editing : bo > preferences > seo
  14. you need to wait some time untill google update your meta date
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