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  1. I upgraded my Prestashop a few months ago, and my Google Analytics account that had previously been working fine has not worked since. I went into the modules and updated my GA ID with the current one (which had not changed), just to be sure, and even though it says in the module that it has been successfully updated, in my Google Analytics dashboard it is reporting all zeros and the status displays an exclamation point inside of a yellow triangle. There must be some place in Prestashop where I can manually reinstall the code, right? Thanks! -lindsey
  2. I just recently upgraded to the latest version, and suddenly my Google Analytics tracking doesn't work anymore. All of my visitor statistics have plummeted to zero since the upgrade, and at first I thought the problem was just that the GA ID specified in the module was wrong (which it was -- two of the digits had somehow been switched) but even when I updated it with the correct ID, nothing changed. Then I checked the source of my shop's main page and lo and behold, there is no GA code to be found, even though I've reinstalled the module and configured it properly. Is this a common bug, and/or am I going to have to install the GA code manually? If so, how would I do that? Thanks, -lindsey
  3. I'm having the same problem of stalling at step three, but my php.ini file looks nothing like that. Mine is: register_globals = off post_max_size = 20M memory_limit = 80M upload_max_filesize = 20M max_execution_time = 120 expose_php = off session.save_path = /tmp mysqli.default_socket = /tmp/mysql5.sock Why is it so different and how do I fix this?
  4. I'm having the same problem with it stalling out, but for me this happens during step three, while it's checking system and permissions. I'm upgrading from to, if that helps. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. When I set the installer in my current root directory, I do see the upgrade option, but it keeps freezing at the step of validating system requirements. Instead, I tried installing it in a brand new directory, hoping to transfer my product files over to the new version, and then once I've confirmed that it works and is running, change the directory back to the original name (i.e. the version that is working now but in a much older mode). Will that work? I'm having trouble importing my old database into the new one (when I try to import the SQL file I get an error message that looks like this: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 83886080 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 315011 bytes) in /var/admin/mysql5/libraries/sqlparser.lib.php on line 342 What files will I need to import in so that I don't have to re-enter all the information for all my products? At the very least, I'd like to start from scratch on this new version, entering all the information manually, but not have the site be "live," i.e. not have it in the directory that i currently advertise my online shop to be housed at. Then, once I have the new site up and running, I'd theoretically transfer all that information to my working directory and overwrite the old one with it. Will this work, or will I lose all my data by transferring the directories? Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Okay, so it turns out I'm using version Would you still recommend installing the new version into the original directory? i was under the impression that I was supposed to create an entirely new directory, and an entirely new database, and then import the relevant files from my old shop into the new one. So far I have backed up all the files/directories from my prestashop server, and have backed up the .sql file of my database. Now you're saying the next step should be to install the newest version into my CURRENT directory, and then the option to upgrade rather than fresh install should be enabled? If I do this and something goes wrong, can I just overwrite that entire directory, and the database file, with my backups and it will be back to normal? Thanks! -lindsey
  7. Hi, there. I have two questions. The first is: I'm upgrading to the new version of PS and am running the installer in my new directory. It is telling me that my register globals option is not set to off, even though I have created a php.ini file with the following information and put it in my root directory: register_globals = off post_max_size = 20M memory_limit = 80M upload_max_filesize = 20M max_execution_time = 120 expose_php = off session.save_path = /tmp mysqli.default_socket = /tmp/mysql5.sock What do I need to do further, to turn register globals off? My second question is: I'm at the step for database configuration. In order to not lose all my data in my old version of the shop, should I give this database a NEW name, or keep it the same as the old one? How do I make sure that all my old products transfer over correctly? Thanks! -lindsey
  8. Hi, there. I'm wanting to upgrade to the new version of Prestashop, but am confused by all the different options out there. I haven't upgraded since I installed the shop in June of '08, but I don't know how to tell what version I am running. I am very nervous about losing all the uploades and modifications I have made to my current shop in the switch (although I am making a backup copy before doing anything) so I want to make sure I'm doing it right! Is there anything I need to know or do differently if I'm upgrading from a very old version? for now I'm reinstalling the newest version and then copying over my theme/img files from my backup. After that I get a little stuck on the directions that are at the top post in this forum...is there an easier wiki that explains how to upgrade? Thanks, -lindsey
  9. A customer contacted me this morning because when she placed an order in my shop, she got a "Payment Error" message. I didn't receive any email about an error from the interface, received the "New Order" email as usual, and verified that the payment did in fact go through, via Paypal. However, when I signed into my back office and checked on her order, it did show as "payment error" status, and when I signed in and tried placing an order myself, got the same error message as she did. So it seems that it is not affecting the actual order placement or delivery of money, but obviously I don't want all my customers receiving this message when they place an order! I've had 119 orders so far over the past year and a half, and this is the first time I've ever had this problem. Please help! Thanks, -lindsey
  10. So I'm upgrading to the new version of Prestashop, and have followed all the steps successfully so far, but now I'm at this part and don't understand what it means: 6) set your permissions recursively to all directories except CONFIG / TOOLS 7) set permissions to config 777 & /tools/smarty/compile (Not recursively) PART 2 Before running the updater you need to do the following 1) Upload your settings.inc.php from your BK then CHMOD 777 Can someone please explain more thoroughly what I need to do to accomplish these steps? Thanks!
  11. So I just had a customer contact me and tell me that her order was shipped to her billing address, rather than the delivery address she specified at checkout. I looked at my confirmation of her order, and saw that we had correctly shipped the order to the shipping address specified. But then she forwarded me her version of the confirmation, and the two were switched! i.e., what she had put down as her billing address showed up on my order form as her shipping address, and vice-versa. I looked through my past orders and saw that none of my other customers had different shipping/billing addresses, so possibly this is the first time this has come up and I just didn't realize this had been the case all along, but it appears that when Prestashop submits the new order information to me, these two fields are switched and I'm getting the wrong info. How/where can I change this so that it submits new orders to me correctly? (I haven't upgraded to the newest version yet) Thanks!! -lindsey
  12. The shop website is http://www.yarniapdx.com/virtualshop. Thanks!
  13. My shop looks great in Firefox, but when I test it in IE, it looks terrible with overlapping graphics and text boxes...why is this and what can I do? Thanks! -lindsey
  14. I'd like to offer in-store pickup as one of my shipping options. I've already configured it within my back office, but for some reason it doesn't show up as an alternative to UPS when I pretend I'm a customer and try to go through the checkout process. I've enabled it in back office, and I believe I've actually gotten this to work before, so I don't know what's changed...please help!
  15. Hmm, my file didn't have the function HookTop, but HookHeader instead--is this the same thing? Thanks!
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