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  1. I use the Panda Theme and updated from to Everything worked fine except for getting a error message from the update.php script. 34: Internal SQL error. After executing again I got 28. So I had a look at the backend and it was So it kind of worked. All content was still there and all configuration and theme customization was in place. Except for, some hooks weren't displaying. And I couldn't figure out, how to display them. Changing template to trigger the hook installation messes up everything. What do I need to do, to makes this works. It's just very little that needs to be displayed and everything would work .
  2. Dear Forum I would need to sort the accessories of a product manually OR the products in a pack. Either is fine Right now both are sorted by order of entry (id or date, don't know). I haven't found any module or help for this kind of feature. How to go about it? Sincerely yours Adrian
  3. Dear Forum Hope you can help me. I have a lot of pdfs as attachments to the products. They all open fine, but after download they are corrupted. I know the attachments are stored in the ps_attachment table, but that doesn't help me a lot. The mime type i correctlyset to application/pdf. What to do? Sincerely
  4. Dear Forum Does anybody know, if there is a possibility to get or know if a product is in a pack and get that pack. Respectively get that packs images. I have a special configuration in which there are only packs with products as variants of a product. But the content editor forgot to add the images to the variants. I need to add the packs images to the variants images and I don't see a easy way yet. Any help? <3
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