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  1. Okay, so this isn't quite as easy as I thought it would be...... Again, I am new to PHP and I have a very limited understanding of how to interface with mySQL data. Meanwhile, I have been doing some thinking about how the POS should work, and I've modeled the following real-time scenario: --POS has a log-in screen, much like the admin page --At the start of their shift, an employee logs-in using [email protected] ----Time of log-in recorded in the database --Transaction begins with the addition/location of a customer account in the database ----If customer account doesn't exist, it can be added at that time ----This step can be bypassed by an administrative override: Administrator must validate their log-in info along with an optional description field ----Instance of a shopping cart object is constructed --Each product is entered by its reference number: This will help facilitate barcode scanning ----Pressing "Enter" posts a submit, updating the shopping cart's list ----If a product cannot be found, a search can be conducted, the return string is the product's reference number ----A product can be added ad-hoc via administrative override processed described above (ad-hoc product instances are automatically initialized with "ad-hoc" attribute) ----Product prices can be overridden at the time of purchase (i.e., discounts, sales/specials/promotions, coupons, etc.); again requiring administrative override and an optional description field --Customer makes a payment ----Payment module initialized ----Transaction is closed: Receipt page is formatted and printed by default --At the end of their shift, the employee logs-out from the POS ----Log-out time recorded in the database ----A simple log/report of employee work hours and transactions should be available, including any administrative overrides Random access should be given at any level of scope during the scenario: Let's say an an employee enters the wrong "John Doe": The customer's account should be able to be swapped with another customer's, for instance, without ending the current transaction/session and without destroying the current shopping cart instance. Of course, this is a 100-foot overview of the scenario factored-down to its simplest terms. If I have missed anything or there is a flaw in my logic, please let me know. I'm still trying to become familiar with PrestaShop's object model and methods. Moreover, I'm certain that many of the existing templates can be re-purposed for the POS. I've been busy with other projects as well, so things have been going slow: If someone could help with a runtime POS engine based on my scenario above I'm sure development of this idea would flow much quicker. Cheers!
  2. All I need is a method to send and receive variables in either Flash and/or JavaScript. I don't know enough about PHP to push and pull data to and from a database yet. I would like to be able to send form data directly to a PHP script but I don't really know where to begin.
  3. Thanks! If you need any help or collaboration, please let me know. As I said....my knowledge of PHP/mySQL/"back-end" code is limited but I would be more than happy to help with any other troubleshooting you need.
  4. I'm currently trying to adapt the existing software to run on in-store touch-screen kiosks. There would be two modes: --Self-Serve Mode: In this scenario, a customer would be able to pay in cash local to a kiosk terminal. --POS Terminal Mode: For store clerks and cashiers only. In this scenario, the employee enters their unique employee PIN number and authorizes removal of products from the catalog upon payment. The GUI would work in a customary fashion to existing POS terminals. Although I am an expert with HTML and JavaScript/ActionScript, I'm only a beginner with CSS, PHP, and mySQL, but I'm learning quickly. I just got started. If anyone is interested or if you can offer any help, please let me know!
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