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  1. I am also still searching for a solution...
  2. Hi Nemo, I created a Admintabcontroller file at admin/controllers, I just need to connect the buttons to the modules pages, like it happens at the quick acess menu, if you have a course for this i would be happy to do it!
  3. I found this code but it's not working, can you help me please? i want to create menu tabs that link to specific module pages, i created this controller and linkedit at backoffice, but it gives me the 500 error, Thank you <?php class AdmintabController extends AdminController { public function __construct() { $url = 'index.php?controller=AdminCmsContent&id_cms=4&updatecms'; $url .= '&token='.Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminModules'); Tools::redirectAdmin($url); } }
  4. Hi, You are talking about product description? but the product images show up, only the cart doesnt show
  5. I've searched in multiple files but i couldn't find the right one, I need to remove the premium advice container on admin backoffice dashboard, It's the module suggestions, http://s23.postimg.org/6gl30hetz/premum.jpg I attached a file, Thank you Nuno
  6. I have this same issue, i don't know why the border radius is erased
  7. Hi, everything worked fine until i enabled multistore, the products that were created before still have thumbnails, the ones i created after don't, i just have the big product image, on the product that was already created and is showing thumbnails i get this: <img src="http://www.myurl.com/24-small_default/blouse.jpg" alt="Blouse" width="98" height="98"> on the new products that don't show thumbnails i get this: <img src="http://www.myurl.com/img/p/pt-default-small_default.jpg" alt="new" width="98" height="98"> Anyone had this problem before? Thank you
  8. Go to tab.tpl and comment out this: <li><a data-toggle="tab" href="#homefeatured" class="homefeatured">{l s='Popular' mod='homefeatured'}</a></li> modules/homefeatured/views/template/hook/tab.tpl
  9. But when i do that the logo stays small everytime and when at mobile its not centered, its left position too, i want it to be centered in mobile and different size Thank you
  10. Hi, i am just testing, you can see it here: http://lunarhouses.com/store2/en/
  11. Hi, how can i limit logo size so its not dependable on image size? i found a 100% on the css but if i change it will change product sizes too, how can i limit in the code so if i upload a 1000px or a 500px with image the logo is always the same size? thank you
  12. How can i edit email css? i edited the two .tpl files i could find, but doesnt change everything on the email, is there a way to edit css templates like it's done on the shop frontoffice?
  13. I just want to have a menu tab that links to the homeslider module, So when i click on the button i go to the module page, like in the quick acesss menu, but on the left side i created the button on the back office but i get the message that the controller doesn't exist, Thank you
  14. I need to add a tab for a module that is already installed, any thoughts?
  15. thank you for your reply, I tried to replicate the code of a module that creates a tab but it doesn't work, can you post some code?
  16. Hi, i've been searching and trying for a long time but didint have sucess yet, i want to create a tab in the backoffice for the homeslider module, i created the tab at backoffice but it says controller not found, i created a admin controller but i just got a blank page and no link for the module, can someone help me please? Thank you Nuno
  17. I also need to do this, any thoughts?
  18. I Managed to have the independent backoffices now i just need to divide the orders by shop So the admin at a specific store only sees his products at the order, Only the client has acess to the full order with products from different shops Any ideas?
  19. I Managed to have the independent backoffices now i just need to divide the orders by shop So the admin at a specific store only sees his products at the order, Only the client has acess to the full order Any ideas?
  20. I am not confused, i know exactly what i want. everything can be done i just need to find the right person
  21. mainstore is the store where all the products will be listed, shop1 shop2 are other shops in the same group
  22. I can setup a logistian but doesn't have acess to all features if i select superadmin he has acess to all stores the share costumers works, the orders and products part is more tricky, i need the products to be at a common database but i don't want the stores to see each other orders
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