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  1. Thanks, we finally managed to get rid of it by uninstalling and installing the module again. Good to know that's it's possible using phpMyadmin though, we might have to use it when the module breaks again, which is probable, based on our experience so far. 1.7 was not ready for release at all! Every day we come across new problems.
  2. There are several problems with the Link Widget module in 1.7, it's just not working properly, too many errors to mention here in detail, but involving the second language customer content and titles in second languages, as well as all the pages being listed 4 times! One problem is very acute however. I added a new Link Block and it didn't appear in the back office. However it did appear in the front office, and now I can't delete or edit it, because I can't see it in the back office. I have deleted the cache, and also tried removing the widget from the hook and reattaching it, but the error persists. I'm not sure how to go about deleting/editing the content. Can anyone help, or has anyone had the same problem? Thanks!
  3. OK, thank you. We've bought the module. Can you explain how you would do it using the module? We have completed a couple of tests without success. Thank you.
  4. Hi, Can someone say if it is possible to have different VAT for products sent to Germany and Austria, but have the exact same end price? It doesn't seem to be possible, and some comments online seem to hint that it doesn't work, but a clear statement is not found anywhere. What we want to do ist this, shown with an example: Product should have a price of (x) Euros Endprice, irrelevant of whether you select Germany or Austria as delivery country, VAT is 19% for Germany VAT is 20% for Austria Shipping is free to Austria and Germany (for easy example). Concrete example (what we want): Delivery Country: Germany Price of Product: 20 EUR Shipping: 0 EUR Tax (VAT, 19%): 3.19 EUR Total: 20 EUR Delivery Country: Austria Price of Product: 20 EUR Shipping: 0 EUR Tax (VAT, 20%): 3.33 EUR Total: 20 EUR In Prestashop, the endprices (Total) seem to change based on the amount of VAT. If you want all German speaking customers to have the same price, it doesn't seem to be possible, if you still need different VAT for the two different countries (for legal tax reasons, we need this). Can anyone confirm this, or suggest a solution please? Thank you!
  5. Hi, @Antoine Flavigny, is there any news? It has been weeks since the original question. It would be great to here something, one way or the other. There are lots of other companies e.g Odoo, who offer cloud options, but charge for some of them, and some who offer different server speeds for different prices. Maybe Presta should consider that sort of model. It shouldn't be a simple "offer cloud for free or not at all" question, but a question about how a suitable solution can be found for everyone, for example by charging for the service. Please let us know if we can rely on the Prestshop Cloud for the future or not, there is a lot riding on this! Thank you!
  6. OK, thank you for your answer, please let us know as soon as you know more! Thanks!
  7. We have seen that the cloud version is no longer being offered on the prestashop website (unless you hide your ip address) Do we have to change to the hosted version? How long do we have until the cloud version of Prestashop will be switched off? We have worked long and hard on getting our shop ready and now this? We are now unsure of Prestashop's future; if we are going to build our business on Prestashop then we need some reliable information! Please Prestashop give us some information about what is going on with the cloud; there is no official information availble on this forum, the website or press releases!
  8. Thank you for the answer. Can you please clarify a couple of things for us: 1. You advise that we should use the download version, for what reason? Is the cloud version being discontinued? 2. Will the cloud version ever be updated? We currently run in the coud version, but the download version is already at Will we receive these updates? 3. For what reason(s) should we not run a true business on 1.6 Prestashop Cloud? We have been working on our website for a while, and it is a shocking thing to hear. We would be very grateful if you could clarify what you mean. Thank you!
  9. Thanks for the answer. That's a shame, I'd be good if we could test a cloud version of it.
  10. Hi, we're developing a shop in the cloud at the moment and have just seen that there's going to be an update and that the template we're working on is not going to be suitable after the update. Is there a way of testing the new classic template in the cloud version of Prestashop? Also, does anyone know if the cloud version automatically updates or how long we might have to update? Thank you!
  11. Hi, does anyone know if this works for the cloud version of Prestashop too? Or if not, is there a way of using multistore with one of the stores in catalog mode and others in selling mode? If anyone has an Idea, I'd be very grateful! Thank you!
  12. Hallo, ich habe mal unter Lieferzeiten für "Lieferzeit (nicht vorrätig)" das Feld leer gelassen. Der Text erscheint auf der Seite nicht, dafür aber das Kästchen dafür immer noch (div class box-info-product). Kann jemand mir sagen, wie ich das weg kriege? Ab besten ohne CSS oder sonst irgendwelche Code zu bearbeiten. Die Seite ist im Katalog Modus. Wenn sie sich im Katalog Modus befindet, hat das erste Feld, "Lieferzeit (auf Lager)" keinen Einfluss, es wird nichts angezeigt. Wenn das Produkt auf 0 ist, erscheint jedoch noch das Kästchen. Es ist mir ein Rätsel wieso. Über Hilfe diesbezüglich wäre ich sehr dankbar. Vielen Dank!
  13. Hi, I'm new here so please be patient ;-) I'm using the cloud version of Prestashop I'm coming from a shop system which includes a shipping costs page. It lets you set the shipping costs in the back end and they can be shown in the front end automatically. I can't find anything similar in Prestashop. Is there anything similar? Preferably without having to use an add on, but if it's only possible to use an add on, then that would be OK. Shipping costs to several countries and at different prices depending on size and weight mean that the table can become very long. It would be ideal if you changed the shipping costs in the back end that the would also change in the front end visible for the customers. Is this possible using a cms page and some sort of placeholders for the shipping costs? Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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