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  1. Hi, 


    Does anyone know how to split similarly ordered products on the order form, in the backend as admin?


    For example, as a custom product I have created a product called "Service", with a "Comments" field". 

    So, when I add this "Service" to a client's order in the backend as admin I would type in different comments, depending on what the service is for, for example:


    Service: Install swing gate motor - R750

    Service: Supply, Install and configuration of 3G enabled intercom system - R2200

    Service: Supply and replaced blown flood lights - R1400



    The problem is that Prestashop will add all 3 "Service" products as a single product, but with 3 line items, and only one price field. As I need to break down the prices, this doesn't work so well. 


    Does anyone know how to have each product on it's own line, even if it's the "same" product?

  2. Hi,


    maybe with product customization? Create a product called something like "Service" and let the customer enter the description (as a required field).

    It doesn't quite work as you'd expect it to. 


    For example, let's say there's 5 different line items:


    1. Collect and remove gate motor

    2. callout fee for removal

    3. repair gate motor

    4. reinstall gate motor

    5. add new supports to wall


    Now if I were to use the "Service" product, it would add 5 of them on a single line so I can't add different prices to each "line item". 

  3. Hi, 


    Does anyone know how to add a custom "product" to an Order / Invoice, without creating the product first?


    Let me explain: We do a lot of installation / maintenance services and need to invoice clients for something like this:

    "Removal of motor from swing gate", or "installation of 24x 5W LED down lights in house", or "Callout fee for re-installation", or "rental of cherrypicker + collection & delivery". 


    I don't want to have to create a product for each one of these order line items since it would mean thousands of products which are ever only used once and would cause a lot of unnecessary extra work. 


    Does anyone know how to type in the product name / description while placing an order?

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