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  1. Hi, Since Prestashop 1.4 , we've been using the official 'Customer loyalty and reward' module. Currently on Prestsahop 1.6, we're using the module 'Customer loyalty and reward' (by Prestsahop) with version v1.2.9. We're now trying to migrate to 1.7, though we don't find the Loyalty module. Anyone which module is compatible with the loyalty points from 1.6 ? (And how to migrate the points from 1.6 to 1.7 ?)
  2. Found solution in https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/370087-module-tab-very-slow-loadnig-and-no-module-update/
  3. Same here, multiple minutes loading time on Seems related to retrieving data from prestashop?
  4. Hi, Anyone still open to above request? I have some sample files available by PM.
  5. Hi, Our page 'best-sales' (shopdomain.com/best-sales) list all our products, and also in an order we do not recognise as best sellling products. We're on 1.6.9 How can we actually display the products, ordered by the amount of sales ? In /classes/ProductSale.php, there is a method 'fillProductSales()', though unknown how this is trigger. Maybe we should somehow clear all current sales stats and let it regenerate ?
  6. Alright, we requested some example files and will post update when recieved. @J.Danse: Antwerp, will keep you updated if/when development could start.
  7. Hi, Our bookeeper request us to deliver the Prestashop invoices in 'UBL 2.0" format, using the 'e-FFF' protocol. See (in Dutch or French): http://www.forumforthefuture.be/eNewsItem.php?code=583 & http://www.e-fff.be/ (http://www.e-fff.be/NL/documentation.php) It looks like .xml files with an embeded .pdf Anyone here has experience with this is and is willing to accept a job in creating a module ? We need a way to export the existing invoices in this format.
  8. Fix found : had to select categories in the loyalty module. I consider this as a BUG , since it makes sense to select no categories, to apply it to all categories. Otherwise we'd have to re-check newly categories upon creating a new category...
  9. I have same issue, redownloaded from https://github.com/PrestaShop/loyalty/tree/master , though still 404 , using PS 1.6.9
  10. have same problem, 1.6.9 related to http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/338802-my-loyalty-points-error-404 ? EDIT: fix posted in above issue (you HAVE to selcet categories in the loyalty module, which is a BUG)
  11. @Haylau, Which modules were affecting your installation ? I'm having the same issue with the ogone module. Orders are created, though without the order status
  12. Hi, I'm using the official ogone payment module. Creating orders , paying/cancelling in ogone, works fine. The orders -are- created upon redirecting back to the shop from ogone (thus the cart is correctly converted to an order) BUT: the payment state is not set. It's shown as '--'. I triple checked that the correct status from ogone is being recieved, the $ogone->validate(...) method is correctly called. Though for some strange reason , the payment state is not set. Thus the email to customer is not going out and we can't see the actual status of the order (cancelled, eror or payed) Anyone knowns what this could be ? Seems http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/327550-paypal-does-not-set-the-order-status-to-payment-accepted/ has the same issue, though we only use default 1.6 modules
  13. Hi, I've successfully migrated all customers and their orders from & 1.3 shop into a freshly installed (whoot!). Though what I do not known is how to export/import is the 'loyalty points' that the customers accumulated from a 1.3 to & 1.5 prestashop. I assume that the major issue is the missing table 'ps_discount' , that the older versions of 'loyalty points' used. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction ? Note: the id_customer and id_order in the 1.3 and 1.5 shop are identical, everything works fine in the migrated 1.5, including orders history, invoices, etc.
  14. Waar kan ik deze module downloaden ? Vind niets terug ivm Prestashop op http://www.bpost.be/site/nl/business/send_post/parcels/shippingmanager_install.html
  15. Does this module use the Prestashop core 'custom fields' funtionality ? Or using a seperate system/db table for this module ?
  16. Having the same issue. Can add custom TEXT fields in BackOffice, though don't show in FrontOffice. Am willing to pay for a fix... PM is you can help me.
  17. Hi, Am searching for SQL commands to completelly reset/delete all stock transactions, warehouses and other related records. We have enabled advanced stock before, but are having issues now. Simply disabling a'advanced stock' doesn't solve our issues. So: Besides truncating some tables (which? warehouses?orders?stock statusses?) , are there any fields we can reset on product level ? Goal would be to have all products quantity set to 0 , and all warehouses deleted. It does not matter if we loose orders and/or customers while deleting these. (Though we do not want to lose our products/categroies setup, or our product combinations, neither our multistore config) Thx in advance.
  18. Hi, When I set a product in the quantities tab to 'allow orders' when out-of-stock, a green bar with the text 'Saved' is shown, though after reloading the page, the status is reset to 'deny'. In the products preferences, I've enabled out-of-stock ordering. In the screenshot, I've set the setting to 'allow' and the 'data saved' is shown, upon reloading the page, it's reset to deny Any idea what could be wrong ?
  19. Update: seems to be 'fixed' by setting memory limit to 512 (which does NOT make sense, that's waaayy to much for a single PS install) PS 1.5.17, with about 15 multistores setup Local server: CPU : quadc , 2.40ghz RAM: 4gig Mem error so far only happens when using the product combinations Before changing the memory limit to 512 (was already 256 which is also unreasonably much): [Wed Oct 17 14:45:10 2012] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 125 bytes) in /var/www/HIDDEN/classes/db/Db.php on line 513, referer: http://HIDDEN/home/kassa/index.php?controller=adminproducts&id_product=62&updateproduct&token=ae428ca40e04b3049db2d239425aa06e ... [Wed Oct 17 14:54:57 2012] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 40961 bytes) in /var/www/HIDDEN/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php on line 172, referer: http://HIDDEN/home/kassa/index.php?controller=adminproducts&id_product=44&updateproduct&token=ae428ca40e04b3049db2d239425aa06e btw, did try with + without cache, same problem
  20. Same here, increased memory limit to a whopping 512mb , though the product combinations are still broken. Any help ?
  21. Am trying to delete a store using multistore. The store had customers and orders. I did delete the customers belonging to that store. Now I still get the 'You cannot delete this shop (customer and/or order dependency)' error message. Propably due to orders belonging to that store. But orders can't be deleted. So how can I remove a store in multistore setup ? ps: PS-team, please be consequent with the naming conventions, considering store versus shop...
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