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  1. many thanks, if my issue is not about "my own module" , is there anything else causing this?? because i uninstall a module then i cannot reinstall it again ?? Any help will be appreciated !!
  2. Cannot install my own module i put my own module into ../modules/ or using the new module interface , both don't work hope someone can figure it out , any hint will be appreciated many thanks
  3. Hi Jimmy sorry, i misunderstood, actually it's a little bit complicated, many things to do, can modify .css file or change hook position.... anyway, if it's done, it looks really good
  4. And i also want to share this topic In TinyMCE how to save html code after designed your block page... * Create a plugin function can get source code and setContent back to editor area, refer to here http://archive.tinymce.com/wiki.php/Tutorials:Creating_a_plugin * example code as below tinymce.PluginManager.add("savehtml",function(t){t.addButton("savehtml",{text:"Save HTML",icon:"save",onclick:function(){t.windowManager.open({title:"Save HTML",body:[{type:"textbox",name:"savehtml",label:"Save HTML",multiline:!0,minWidth:600,minHeight:480,value:t.getContent().replace(/</g,'<').replace(/>/g,'>'),spellcheck:!1,style:"direction: ltr; text-align: left"}],onsubmit:function(e){t.setContent(e.data.savehtml)[spam-filter])[spam-filter]),t.addMenuItem("example",{text:"Example plugin",context:"tools",onclick:function(){t.windowManager.open({title:"TinyMCE site",url:"http://www.tinymce.com",width:800,height:600,buttons:[{text:"Close",onclick:"close"}]})[spam-filter])}); ps. tab button can work , but submenu not modified yet hope make a help someone need...
  5. Thanks for your reply. Actually, it's not a big problem, can use php function echo htmlspecialchars_decode to show on website, and using {$smarty->variable|htmlspecialchars_decode} in tpl file to view
  6. prestashop tinymce always convert < to '&lt', > to '&gt' , even make it become a rich text editor ?? any help will be appeciated, thanks
  7. Sorry, typing error, but the problem not because url error i typed
  8. Hi , please help to fix this Installed prestashop on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 , installed ok, home page looks fine, but when i move mouse to top menu and connect subcategory (URL: ../index.php?id_category=5&contriller=category&id_lang=1) , it shows 404 error?? this is for what?
  9. Note: clear cache folder , be careful not to delete index.php file
  10. Hi i re-layout the front page causing this issue, when i make mouse hover cart that cannot show details,how to fix this? thanks and regards, aqua
  11. Do you create your own hook? INSERT INTO `ps_hook` (`name`, `title`, `description`) VALUES ('nameOfHook', 'The name of your hook', 'This is a custom hook!');
  12. Hi ROJA45 It works !! convenient and logistic thanks && regards, aqua
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