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  1. Product Size selection (front office)

    i found the problem. It was ean13. I will use UPC for id. But this isn't normal.Right?
  2. Hello, I have a problem to the size selection in my product page. For example the default combination is size 42 . It doesn't let me choose another combination to proceed the order. The combination have quantitys,Any solution? http://sportco1.wwwnlls8.a2hosted.com/el/reebok/101056-952-reebok-print-smooth-bd4529-0700004.html#/153-shoe_size-_
  3. Advanced Ajax Live Search Product - PrestaShop 1.7

    Hello i've just installed this module. It doesn't work.Like it's not installed. http://sportco1.wwwnlls8.a2hosted.com/el/
  4. Import product attributes

    Hello everyone, I have a shoes online store. And i have a csv file with the product name , description, price , size etc. I tried to import them but it made 5different products for each product with different quantity. I want to import the attributes for 1 product. Any suggestions?
  5. Products - Image click redirect to link

    it Works very well. I don't think there is another way.Only with a module that does the same thing. Or with catalog mode and a button to the discription of the product like "more" "buy it" "show price" etc.
  6. Products - Image click redirect to link

    it Worked!! Thanks you so much!! May i ask what file to edit links for the picture click? (currently working "more" button to redirect,but some ppl will click on the image)
  7. Full Width Center Column on home page

    template/header.tpl Find this <div class="columns-container"> <div id="columns" class="container"> and add {if $page_name =='homepage'}-fluid{/if} inside class container. final : <div class="columns-container"> <div id="columns" class="container{if $page_name =='homepage'}-fluid{/if}"> Class container uses cleared fix.Excepting homepage will make it be full screen.But i think you have to edit css for some pixels not showing in the left side.
  8. Products - Image click redirect to link

    I am trying to do exactly what you mentioned. I already tried that but it failed because i couldn't use full links to reference. Thanks you so much for your time
  9. Products - Image click redirect to link

    Hello sir, Thank you for your fast reply. Could you please explain more what you mean? Im not that expert to prestashop. Im using it 2-3 months :/
  10. Products - Image click redirect to link

    Update: found how to do it on homepage without coding. Just used the CMS on homepage module by mypresta.eu Now for the products inside category still the problem persists :/
  11. Product redirect to 3rd party link

    Hello sir, Im planning to do the same.The best solution i found so far is to use catalog mode on products. Then add a button "more info" to the description of the product and add the link to the website. This also means to remove price(if u want) , Discription (if u want) and other staff like payment methods and tabs.Keep a clean page with the button.
  12. Hello Prestashop addicts Prestashop forums and staff is starting to die... But i still like it more than any other ecommerce to the point... I wanna make a simple website with links to my main website. Website: http://e-dil.gr/converseallstargr/prestashop But i want to click on the product image or to "more" and redirects automatically to link. I made it with a button inside the products (catalog mode) but still im not satisfied. Any ideas from experts ?

    More info : Error !You need to complete the PayPal identification Information in step 3 otherwise you won't be able to accept payment. Paypal module v3.10.8

    Hello everyone, Im currently trying to connect my paypal bussiness account to my prestashop. Im using the latest module of paypal. The problem is, im writing the API etc but when i click ok it keeps telling me configure step 3. I tried one solution i've found here.To click "alredy have bussiness account" but still doesn't work. Anyone knows how to fix that? Thanks in advance