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  1. Thx, used for my case and it works well, {if !(($category->id == 87) || ($category->id == 86))} Only need now to add the left colum to the blog posts
  2. I've tryed to do this at the header.tpl {if $page_name !='desportos' && $page_name !='objetivos'} <div id="left_column" class="col-xs-12 col-md-3">{$HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN}</div> {/if} But, its not working, so I did {$page_name} and as a result, all pages in the menu, are named "category". Is there a variable other then $page_name that I can use which has diferent categorie names? Thx Ricardo
  3. thx archSandy for your swift anwser, I have the table set as this one shows, but I see no blog parts to tick on. page | left colum | right colum erro 404 | x | x Top de Vendas | v | x Contacte-nos | v | x index | x | x Fabricantes | v | x Novos produtos | v | x Esqueci-me da palavra-passe | x | x Promoção | v | x Mapa do site | v | x Fornecedores | v | x Endereço | v | x Endereços | v | x Inicio de Sessão | x | x Carrinho | v | x Descontos | v | x Histórico de Encomendas | v | x Identidade | x | x A Minha Conta | x | x Acompanhar Encomenda | x | x Nota de Encomenda | x | x Encomenda | v | x Pesquisa | v | x Lojas | v | x Encomenda Rápida | v | x Seguimento de Visitante | x | x Confirmação da encomenda | x | x product | v | x category | v | x cms | v | x module-cheque-payment | x | x module-cheque-validation | x | x module-bankwire-validation | x | x module-bankwire-payment | x | x Comparação de Produtos | v | x module-smartblog-archive | v | x module-smartblog-category | v | x module-smartblog-details | v | x module-smartblog-search | v | x module-smartblog-tagpost | v | x edit: this does not stay as a table
  4. Hello, I'm working on the site: http://nutristrada.westeurope.cloudapp.azure.com/ (has 3 languages and not complete / fully translated yet). I need to remove the "top sellers" and "new products" from the objectives and sports pages (http://nutristrada.westeurope.cloudapp.azure.com/pt/86-objetivos and http://nutristrada.westeurope.cloudapp.azure.com/pt/87-desportos ) And need to leave those modules in the rest of the categories pages (including the "sons" like crossfit). To remove that module I do: backoffice>modules&services> search the module (newproducts and bestsales) > configure > manage hooks > displayLeftColumn hook > edit > then I choose "category" and type in desportos and objetivos (name in portuguese). These actions remove the both modules from these pages, but also remove them from the rest of the categories. I've also tried to remove the modules using "edition in real time" but it has the same result. Is there a fault on my procedure, or there is no implemented way to remove a block from only a certain category? Have another question still close to the subject: How to add these blocks (new producs and top sellers) to the blog pages (like http://nutristrada.westeurope.cloudapp.azure.com/pt/blog/6_summer-collection-launched)? Thx, Ricardo.
  5. Hello, I've configurated blocksocial buttons and they are shown great at the pc sizes, but then I shrink the window to tablet and phone sizes, the buttons are set hidden, ider by the tags hidden-sm hidden-xs or tptnsocial. I've looked alot for where this can be set (witch css file), but so far no luck finding it. The global.css from the theme has no reference to this (not to hide it at least) The default-bootstrap global.css does have alot, and sets screen sizes and hides, I've comented all of them and then deleted the cashe and the problem was still the same. The block social module has no css files (at least the version I'm using). Any thing I might be missing here ? Thx Ricardo. Solved thx. 12-02-2016.
  6. Hello, when I paste a site I made using prestashop, I get the "loja powered by prestashop, as the image below shows. How can I remove that ? Thx, Ricardo.
  7. Hello I'm using prestashop v1.6.1.2, I've searched alot on the foruns and google, for info on how to remove the prestashop publicity, have found a few ansers, but still I was not able to remove it in the version I'm using. Its in the backoffice the 2 pubs inside the red rectangle. Any ideas how to remove it and so it does not show when the site gets recompiled? Thx Ricardo. not fully solved, removed the access to the cliente to this page ...
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