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  1. Ah, forget about this... i must edit the templates in themes folder, by installing the module the tpl files is copied there...
  2. Prestashop I'm editing modules/cashondelivery/views/templates/hook/payment.tpl to change div and anchor style because many clients think they confirmed the order but there are one or two steps ahead... and the cart becomes abandoned. But the changes i've made to template doesn't reflect when page is reloaded even if smarty cache and cache are disabled. I'm not editing the right files? There is an older topic on this subject but it's closed and no new comments are accepted. If this topic is posted in wrong place, sorry... Any help?
  3. This message is result of frustration: i did all settings, research, i even get help from a friend who is working on prestashop modules. All cache, smarty, not rebuild cache EVER... I don't know what to do with prestashop... Very dissapointed!
  4. Hi, i solved this... I overrided Product class (added a new function where i included other php files), and ProductController controller (for adding JS and CSS). Then, in Product.tpl i used $product->myNewFunction($product->description) instead of $product->description. Thanks to a friend of mine that works in prestashop more often... Thanks for messages... topic solved
  5. Hi, i want to parse one or more command like this: [code=fotorama]<folder>,<interval>,<alt>,<other params>[/code] and generate html for fotorama, using some php functions i have. Then, in header, i need to include JS library for fotorama. So in description i will have one or more photo gallery. (Sorry, only now i see that forum has modified my previous example of code i want to parse) Thanks!
  6. Hi, thanks for your answers! I have something like folder,interval,alt,exclusions and generate html... and N appearences of this... it's not a simple variable parsing. I have to try to make a new module and use some product.tpl hook for my custom parsing the description.
  7. Hi! Is possible to modify the code for product description module? Or, where i can find the code that renders the description... so i can include some php function an parse expressions? (not the short description) Thank you.
  8. Hi! Is there a way to quickly locate an expression in groups? I don't know where an expression is suppose to be (front office or module translation). And a very annoying, VERY annoying "future" is that after Save & stay... the page is submited and lose the scroll (position in page) also. I'm newbe in prestashop but the edit form for expression are "basic" at most. Sorry if i didn't post this topic in right place....
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